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fantasia 2004
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Yasuji no Pornorama - Yacchimae!!
Yasuji no Pornorama - Yacchimae!!

1971 | 101 min | video
Japanese language, English subtitles
screening times
July 17th, 2005
7:30 pm
J.A. De Seve
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Japanese society, in the opinion of Pusu-o, "satisfies all the urges of hunger, but not the urges of the loins." Then again, Pusu-o is scrawny, awkward and hardly the handsomest guy in town. More to the point, in matters of a romantic nature, Pusu-o conducts himself with an absolute lack of grace, restraint and general respect for women. Not surprisingly, his sex life is an endless succession of obnoxiously over-the-top come-ons and maniacal attempts to get some action, all of which culminate in total strike-outs. Pusu-o’s own father is soon on hand to add insult to injury (the injury being the constant, gushing nosebleeds Pusu-o endures—the nasal blood geyser being Japanese cartoon shorthand for sexual frustration), and the cock blockage continues at Pusu-o’s new job as a car salesman—until a trio of older women misinterpret his advances, intended only to make the pretty Yukiko jealous. The antics continue at a later date, when the married Pusu-o is cuckolded by an horny little birdie. When the humiliated surrogate dad witnesses the sexual prowess of the tryst’s offspring, matters culminate in a finale worthy of the most bombastic Japanese tragedy.

"Hana-ji Bu!" That’s Japanese for "bloody nose," one of numerous now-common catchphrases coined by the immensely popular comic-strip artist Yasuji Tanioka. Using the classic format of the four-panel gag strip, the late Tanioka made himself omnipresent in turn-of-the-’70s Japan—his raucous, ribald, overwrought sexual slapstick kept students, salarymen and housewives in stitches. Yasuji no Pornorama - Yacchimae!!, released in 1971, took stacks of Tanioka’s little strips and sewed them together in a rapid-fire procession of ridiculous situations, snappy gags and crazy punchlines, with the over-stimulated Pusu-o invariably getting his richly deserved comeuppance. Just as the technical complexity of Japanese science-fiction anime would astound curious Westerners two decades later, Yasuji no Pornorama - Yacchimae!! became a cult item in the United States at the time, for taking sexual humour to wilder, wackier extremes than other, later "adult cartoons" like Fritz the Cat, Vampires in Havana or Shame of the Jungle ever would.

—Rupert Bottenberg


Director: Takanori Miwa, Shinichiro Takakuwa
Screenplay: Yasuji Tanioka
Cast: Yasushi Suzuki, Hiroko Suzuki, Tokiashi Minami, Masashi Amamori, Chiako Otsuka
Producers: Kiyoshi Watanabe
Distributor: BIO-TIDE


Takanori Miwa, Shinichiro Takakuwa


Born in 1942, Yasuji Tanioka created his first comic strip in early high school. By the late ’60s, he was an established professional in the field, specializing in sexually explicit, utterly absurdist strips, and in 1970, his strip in Shonen Magazine had made him a household name. In 1983, the publisher Bungeishunju presented him with an award for his cartoons. His final work Nohohon-gotti ran in the weekly Shuukan Manga Sunday until April of 1999, when he died of cancer in Tokyo.

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