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Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch

Canadian Premiere
star Hosted by director Graeme Whifler

2005 | 92 min | video
English language

Screening Times

July 21st, 2006
11:55 pm
Hall Theatre

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This one is absolutely toxic. Yuppie newlyweds Wendi and Bob Peterson have just relocated to a new town and are overwhelmed with excitement as they move into their house on scenic Wormwood Drive. Almost immediately, they get to meet two of their neighbours when an elderly deaf couple accidentally crash their car on the Paterson lawn. A nuisance, to be sure, but at least now they now know some of their neighbours. Things aren?t quite as pleasant when they meet Adrian, a shady loner who lives immediately next door and loves spying on the entire community, listening to right-wing talk-radio shows, cooking treats with horse laxative and occasionally slamming a hypodermic syringe into his abused love rod (it bears mentioning that numerous details are being tastefully withheld here)! Suspicions brew on both sides of the lawn, and outlandish wheels are set in motion, leading to some of the most twisted and revolting happenings you will encounter in any theatre this year.

Wow, is this film ever going to freak you people out! Director Graeme Whifler filed his teeth down into lethally-pointed fangs writing scripts like Sonny Boy and directing eccentric fare for such bands as The Residents and Oingo Boingo. All of this in preparation for a sick, audacious work that opens as an ironic comedy, takes a few black turns, keeps you smiling (albeit far less comfortably then before), introduces some extremely preserve sexual elements, throws in some gross-out humour as a diversion? and then plunges its audience into a violent abyss of extremities so potent that a person fainted during its World Premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival! In spite of the film?s low budget, Whifler was able to call in favours from many long time A-list industry vets for his crew: the film was edited by David Rawlings (Saturday Night Fever, The China Syndrome, Osterman Weekend), shot by cinematographer Bernd Heinl (Bagdad Café, Bodies, Rest And Motion) and features unforgettable make-up effects from Leonard McDonald ( The Village, Cat In the Hat) of Steve Johnson?s Edge FX, who was no doubt thrilled to be afforded a chance to do grislier creations than could ever be permissible in the major studio productions on which he typically works. Imagine an intellectual HG Lewis directing The Burbs after staying awake for three weeks straight talking to neighbours he detested. The result is pure malicious magic, baptized in urine, feces, vomit and blood.

—Mitch Davis

"....Truly black humor as disturbing and scary a tale of suburbia gone mad as anything I have ever seen" - BLOODY-DIGUSTING.COM

"...Must be seen to be believed. It's a hell of a challenge to watch certain scenes because of their repulsive contents, but these are the perfect ingredients for what is essentially a perfect horror film" - THE HORROR REVIEW

"...Stands tall as a different kind of horror film one that could take place right next door" - Johnny Butane, DREAD CENTRAL


Hosted by director Graeme Whifler




Director: Graeme Whifler
Screenplay: Graeme Whifler
Cast: Nick Searcy, Pell James, Jack Huston
Producers: Jeff Kirshbaum
Distributor: Café Productions

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