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July 9th, 2007 11:08:00
Another filled day for the festivalgoers

Adam Green était présent lors de la projection de Spiral.
Adam Green était présent lors de la projection de Spiral.
photos : (c) 2007 Pierre Roussel - www.imagesphotographie.com
photos : (c) 2007 Pierre Roussel - www.imagesphotographie.com

Once again, the festival has spoiled us with many encounters with various directors that came to present their film yesterday. Return In Red was presented late afternoon and the audience was entitled to a world premiere version of the director’s cut in addition to meeting Tyler Tharpe, writer/director of the feature film. Not only did he answer many of the public’s questions, a few lucky ones left with a copy of the DVD in hand.

The documentary S&Man played at 7:30 PM. This intriguing documentary is on the subject of the extreme horror film productions and why it fascinates so many people. The audience was able to discuss with J.T. Petty, the writer/director of the film, which played for the first time in Montreal. For all of those who enjoyed the show, know that one of the directors interviewed in the film, Fred Vogel, will be present at the festival on Tuesday, July 18th for his film The Redsin Tower.

Only 24 hours after he amazed the Montreal crowd with Hatchet, Adam Green met the audience once again for the screening of Spiral. It is completely different from what Adam came to present us the first time. Shot in Portland, Spiral is an unhurried psychodrama, which tells the story of a somber relationship between two employees of a telemarketing firm. Again, Adam charmed the audience and gladly answered a round of questions for his fans. For those who have missed Hatchet, you may catch it tonight at 10 PM at the J.A. De Sève Theater, but unfortunately, Adam green will not attend this time.

At 10 PM last night, many people got the chance to watch Viva, a homage and an exploration of early 70’s sexploitation films by post-feminist filmmaker Anna Biller. Seeing as yesterday’s film was followed by great applause, the people truly enjoyed their experience. Once the screening was over, it was a charming Anna Biller who stood before the audience with her producer and co-star Jared Sanford to answer the many of the fan’s questions.

Eric S. Boisvert
Contamination Magazine

Translated by Karen Aye

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