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July 11th, 2007 07:29:00
Controversial documentary lands major distribution deal at the Fantasia

Le réalisateur Curt Johnson
Le réalisateur Curt Johnson

- Indie Distributor beats out the majors in weekend bidding war -

Montreal, QC, July 11, 2007 – Halo-8 Entertainment (Ryko Filmworks and Warner-Elektra-Atlantic –distributed label) has secured worldwide theatrical and home video rights from Indie Genius Productions to the acclaimed, animal rights documentary “Your Mommy Kills Animals” by producer/director Curt Johnson (2002 Academy Award winning “Thoth”). The acquisition was announced at the Fantasia Film Festival by festival programmer Mitch Davis. Halo-8 triumphed over numerous other buyers hungry for the film after it sold out at Fantasia and the festival had to add additional screenings for the controversial film. Halo-8 plans a September theatrical release followed by a November DVD release.

“Curt Johnson has crafted a riveting document of the animal rights movement in the age of the PATRIOT Act,” said Matt Pizzolo, President of Halo-8. “It’s a stunningly even-handed portrayal that transcends the buzz-words and rhetoric of either side. We are thrilled to bring such a bold film to audiences around the world.”

“Since we had created a very unconventional marketing plan for Your Mommy Kills Animals with a music video, ringtone that has had over 200,000 downloads along with merchandise, Halo-8 was the best positioned to continue the grassroots marketing that has gotten this film on the radar,” Johnson said. “They join out team including Erik Martin, formerly of Palm Pictures and John Warden, Rive Video for our online and offline promotions.”

Inspired by a post-9/11 FBI alert identifying animal rights activists as the number one domestic terror threat, Johnson sought out embattled activists and their detractors to determine the actual danger posed by the movement. Johnson interviewed the SHAC7, young activists who violated federal anti-terrorism laws by encouraging direct action protests via their website. The freedom of speech issue surrounding the SHAC7 trial serves as the lightning rod of “Your Mommy Kills Animals,” drawing in a spectrum of commentators with numerous points of view and passionate ideologies. By avoiding confrontation and polemic, Johnson’s even-handed exploration invites any audience to witness the wiretapping, intimidation, prosecution, and imprisonment of peaceful activists whose only crime was speaking their minds on a website. Fantasia’s Davis has hailed the film as “A brave and vital piece of work” and feels it to be “one of the most important films of this year.”

Johnson's previous films include Thoth (2002 Academy Award -winning documentary) and the upcoming Pets On Your Plate. Film’s music video and theatrical trailer can be seen on the official website: www.yourmommykillsanimals.com.

Halo-8 Entertainment (www.halo8.tv) is devoted to supporting the unique visions of bold filmmakers by widely releasing dangerous films and alt-lifestyle videos through a combination of grassroots outlets and major studio distribution. Recent releases include the award-winning, controversial thriller THREAT (which Urb Magazine said “makes KIDS look like an after-school special”) and the suds-soaked alt-comedy BEER THE MOVIE (hailed as “the most outrageous and off-the-wall comedy sketches ever committed to film” by All Movie Guide). Upcoming releases include the award-winning protest film EXIST, the alt-erotica documentary VOLUPTUOUS LIFE, and the alt-lifestyle videos YOGA FOR INDIE ROCKERS and VEGAN COOKING FOR ANIMAL LOVERS.

CONTACT: Maddy Dawson, Halo-8
Tél. : (01) 323 449?7392

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