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July 6th, 2007 12:39:00
Booming start for Fantasia 2007

Michael Arias, venu présenter son dernier film, Tekkkon Kinkreet
Michael Arias, venu présenter son dernier film, Tekkkon Kinkreet

One long year of waiting has ended with the launch of the 11th edition of the Fantasia Festival. This year’s programming is extremely promising with the new addition of a third theater to better receive the numerous festivalgoers and a record breaking number of movies. This will prove to be a true conundrum for all bulimic film buffs wanting to attend everything the festival team has lined up for you.

It was before an over-filled and feverish crowd that we presented as a Canadian premiere, the opening movie Tekkon Kinkreet in company of its director Michael Arias. Preceded by his solid reputation and haven beneficiated from a great popularity in Japan and Europe, this 4°C studios production, who has also brought to you the superb Mind Game, prizewinner at Fantasia 2005, constituted a real visual feast. Clearly delighted, the audience was then entitled to a round of questions and answers with Michael Arias who mentioned his influences and the circumstances that brought him to be a part of the project.

The producer Tim Sanders and the director, scriptwriter Glenn Sandring were equally present for the screening of A Perfect Creature, a New Zealand feature, and were happy to answer the audiences questions.

Have a great festival to all !

Translated by : Karen Aye

Nicolas Archambalt
Contamination Magazine

Tim Sanders et Glenn Standring, venus présenter Perfect Creature

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