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July 6th, 2007 12:57:00
One filled day ahead

The Restless, présenté au Hall Theatre à 19h
The Restless, présenté au Hall Theatre à 19h
Flight of the Living Dead, présenté au Hall Theatre à 23h20
Flight of the Living Dead, présenté au Hall Theatre à 23h20

One filled day ahead

Are you ready for the first big day for Fantasia 2007 ? Let’s go !
Starting on a good note for South Korean movie lovers, which I am part of, there is the short feature program Watch Out! Beyond the Genres of Korean Short Films. Perhaps we will come across the next Park Chan-wook (Oldboy), Bong Joon-ho (The Host) or Ryoo Seung-wan (Crying Fist)?

Meanwhile, animation lovers will have the pleasure of assisting Outer Limits of Animation 2007, a collection of shorts coming from the four corners of the earth (Canada, USA, Finland, South Korea, France, etc). For the festival regulars, you will be glad to hear that we will be presenting a Bill Plymton movie (Shut-Eye Hote).

Then we will be showing The Restless, an epic movie from the Republic of Korea recalling the certain classics, such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Ang Lee). The festival-goers who decided to join the opening party the night before will have a second chance to see Time by the prolific Kim Ki-duk. The author has already stunned the Fantasia audience in the preceding years with two of his best movies: The Isle and Bad Guy.

Notice to all amateurs of disaster movies, today is also the launch of Hell Is A City: The Cinema Of Urban Apocalypse presenting the Canadian premiere The Signal. Equally presented for the first time nationally, Offscreen, prizewinner at the Venice Festival, will be presented by the Danish actor Nicolas Bro.

Flight of the Living Dead will ultimately take over the Hall Theater screen where we will observe of a horde of ruckus-causing man-eating zombies at work at many miles in altitude. Let’s bet that the frozen dinners will not be the most consumed food on board.

We will end with the captivating and brutal Dog Dog Bite Dog. You must not under any circumstance miss out on this Hong Kong production by Pou—Soi Cheang (Love Battlefield).

Dog Bite Dog, présenté dans la salle J.A. De Seve à 23h55

Nicolas Archambault
Contamination Magazine

Translated by : Karen Aye

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