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July 16th, 2007 15:19:00
Today, directors Larry Fessenden and Jean Rollin

Vous avez une dernière occasion de voir, A Bloody Aria
Vous avez une dernière occasion de voir, A Bloody Aria
La nuit des horloges, en présence du légendaire Jean Rollin
La nuit des horloges, en présence du légendaire Jean Rollin

Here are some films not to be missed today:

The Backwoods, in this caustic exploration of the carnage that can come from cultural misunderstandings, a pair of tourist couples in Spain get off on the proverbial wrong foot with the locals and find themselves plummeted into a cesspool of violence. As they attempt to make things right, lines both criminal and moral are crossed. Stars Gary Oldman (his best performance in years!), Virginie Ledoyen and Paddy Considine. A vital film for our post-Iraq times, this gripping throwback to the cinema of the subversive 70’s is clearly influenced by the work of Peckinpah, Leone and Roeg.

A Bloody Aria, one of this year’s key Asian film discoveries, this bold, brilliant and wholly unconventional thriller is quite possibly the best thing to break out of South Korea since Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and Memories of Murder. Writer/director Won Shin-Yeon frequently establishes seemingly traditional scenarios within various genres, from crime film and neo-noir to Calvaire-like backwoods horror, faking his audience out into the comfort of familiarity in order to tear into entirely unexpected directions that never cease to amaze.

La nuit des horloges, a young woman (the noted pornographic actress Ovidie) dives into a very curious journey through the fictional universe of a recently deceased film director. Jean Rollin returns in fine form with his most personal work to date. In a fashion similar to that of Orson Welles’ Filming Othello, La nuit des horloges becomes a letter from the director to his many admirers, in which he expounds on his passions and art. Director Jean Rollin will be here for the world premiere

A Battle of Wits, a gritty war film set in Warring States Period, based on a Japanese manga, the film unfolds into something quite substantial, not only in the way it unflinchingly presents the cruel realities of a siege and of all warfare of that era, and picks apart the machinery of human weakness and treachery, but in how it explores the impulses of lead actor Andy Lau’s transcendent character. Montreal premiere

Sakura No Kage aka L’ombre Du Cerisier, while in Japan, a French killer for hire falls in love with his next victim, the beautiful but mysterious daughter of an old colleague. Two filmmakers from different cultural backrounds joined talents to tell a quiet but fascinating story about solitude and differences. Shot with almost no dialogues on a tight budget in two countries, this co-production will please every defenders of true independant cinema ! World Premiere

The Last Winter, oil drillers in the Antarctic are reminded that digging for fossil fuels is a form of grave-robbing when the gases come forth from the earth’s core and begin to interact with – and alter – the crew and their environment. Creepy, intellectual and atmospheric ecological horror from longtime activist Larry Fessenden (Habit, Wendigo). One critic hailed it as being the closest an American has come to making a Kiyoshi Kurosawa film. Stars Ron Perlman and James LeGros. Director Larry Fessenden will be here.

The Last Winter, en présence du réalisateur Larry Fessenden

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