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July 6th, 2007 13:19:00
Stalker screening postponed - New film added

Stalker, programmée dimanche 8 juillet 2007 à 18 h 30, a dû être repoussée.
Stalker, programmée dimanche 8 juillet 2007 à 18 h 30, a dû être repoussée.

We regret to announce that the first of our two scheduled screenings of Tarkovsky's great STALKER (specifically, the screening slated for Sunday, July 8 at 6:30 PM) will need to be postponed due to the print being held at Russian customs. In it's place, we will be presenting a newly restored 35mm print of the ultra rare 1961 Russian fantasy film PLANET OF STORMS (Planeta Bur), directed by Pavel Klushantsev. If you're holding a ticket to the July 8 screening of STALKER, you can either get a refund or you can see PLANET OF STORMS - but, if you choose the latter, hold on to your ticket, because we will soon be announcing an additional afternoon screening of STALKER which this ticket will get you in to at no cost, effectively giving you two rare screenings for the price of one!


PlANET OF STORM/ Planeta Bur, Pavel Klushantsev, 1961; 83 min
Russian language, subtitled in English

New 35mm print!

The Soviet cosmonauts in PLANET OF STORMS land on the hot, uneven surface of Venus, which turns out to be a very inhospitable planet for humans but perfect for giant creatures. Besides lava flows, scary plants, dinosaurs and pterodactyls, there is a body of water, which hides evidence of previous inhabitation by intelligent, artistic beings who looked rather human. Even with the assistance of a kind and thoughtful robot, the earth creatures (male and female) are continually in danger. PLANET OF STORMS is a fascinating look at how Soviet scientists/artists thought Venus might be. Within a short time after the film's release it would become known that the planet is incapable of sustaining life.

Chale Nafus,
Director of Programming, Austin Film Society

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