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July 20th, 2007 11:45:00
A Grand voyage from Miyazaki -Jonnie To - Takashi Miike to Chan-wook Park!

Le réalisateur français, Yves Montmayeur
Le réalisateur français, Yves Montmayeur

French director, Yves Montmayeur, who has been on a long journey through Asian cinema genres, has just arrived with 6 documentaries on Asian cinema. At the meeting with Fantasia's fans at the DB Clarke cinema on July 19th, he recounted his encounter with Miyazaki and Takash Miike, and he shared his experience of meeting with prominent Korean directors at PIFAN, 2007.

Director Montmayeur's panoramic view on Asian cinema, meeting with top film people in Asia, his intriguing next project and many more inside stories will be revealed during his stay until the last day of Fantasia!

July 20- Hong Kong Film Noir / Milkyway Image, La ciné-Factory de Johnnie To and In the Mood for Doyle
July 21 Electric Yakuza-Go to Hell
July 23 Les Étrangers de Cinema Coréen

Mi-Jeong Lee

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