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July 21st, 2007 11:49:00
Today, Directors Uwe Boll, Martin Perrault and actress Bianca Beauchamp will be here

Zebraman, présenté au Théâtre Hall, à 14h20
Zebraman, présenté au Théâtre Hall, à 14h20
Bianca Beauchamp : All Access, en présence du réalisateur Martin Perrault
Bianca Beauchamp : All Access, en présence du réalisateur Martin Perrault

Here are some films not to be missed today:

Zebraman, Miike’s versatility has become notorious over the years. With Zebraman, the imaginative director explores the superhero genre and delivers the perfect homage to Ultraman. Funny and weird, this tale about a teacher becoming a defender of justice confirm, with The Great Yokai War, Miike’s undeniable talent for family entertainment.

Sun Scarred, once again unites the talents of maverick Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike (IZO, Ichi The Killer) and actor Sho Aikawa, pays homage to a particular piece of pop-culture iconography of a generation ago, the grim family-man revenge thriller -- Death Wish, Straw Dogs, Rolling
Thunder -- but with a distinctive modern Japanese twist.

The World Sinks Except Japan, from the director of Executive Koala. Every country sinks except Japan, who find themselves stuck with one hell of an immigration problem that soon threatens to erode their culture. Extreme measures are undertaken. A vicious social satire about cultural protectionism and reasonable accommodation, perfect after Herouxville! North American Premiere

Like a Virgin, two gay directors teamed up and triumphed with this witty, cheerful comedy, rife with low-key laughs and oddball imagery, about a chubby teen who takes up wrestling to pay for a sex-change operation. The directors shared the Korean Film Awards’ Best New Director title for their work on this film, which also picked up prizes, nominations and audience nods at film festivals throughout Asia and Europe. North American Premiere

Murder Party, a funny, gory, crazy film about a group of pretentious artists who plan to artistically murder a complete strange hoping to get government grants. An ingenious script and a flawless ensemble cast make this one truly special. Won a prize at Slamdance this year. Canadian Premiere

A Dirty Carnival, at first, the hook that will draw people in is the gangster element, the story of one man’s rise and fall through the criminal ranks. But the gang here isn't the point here, the people are. A Dirty Carnival has been hailed as one of the finest Korean gangster films ever. North American Premiere

Bianca Beauchamp : All Access, world premiere of doco on Montreal’s own Bianca Beauchamp, offering a candid, humorous and intimate visit inside the private and public circles of one of the most famous international fetish icons of our time. Director Martin Perrault and actress Bianca Beauchamp will be here for the world premiere.

Nightmare Detective, visionary cult filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo, Tokyo Fist, A Snake Of June) has committed one of the most shocking acts of his famously subversive career –- he’s made a wide-release studio film! A morbidly poetic and super violent headtrip of a horror/crime film, Nightmare Detective is Tsukamoto’s cultural Molotov cocktail, exploding in the faces of mainstream Japanese filmgoers.

Postal, forget everything you think you know about Uwe Boll. Okay, not quite everything. Postal is a crudely uproarious, positively hilarious satire of post 9/11 America, religious extremism, conspiracy theories, and just about anything else you’d care to throw into the pot. There is no cow too sacred. Boasts a surprisingly sharp satiric edge, one that guarantees the film will offend many as all good satire does. Could it be that this late into his career Boll has found his true calling? Director Uwe Boll will be here for the world premiere.

Director Uwe Boll will be here for the world premiere

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