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July 6th, 2007 13:25:00
An absolutely mind-blowing opening party

Yesterday was the first day of the 11th edition of Fantasia Festival. Following the opening movie, Tekkon Kinkreet, the guests were all invited to the traditional opening party. During the night, we were able to dance to DJ Thunderheis, DJ Ghost Beard and DJ Luv’s rhythms. We were also able to spot many of our prestigious juries, such as Yves P. Pelletier and Suzanne Clément, many of the festival’s guests, directors, producers, actors, journalists and many other representatives from the industry, such as Roland Smith. To top off this melting pot of Quebec celebrities, there were giant rabbits, girls in latex, Kamikaze girls for a mind-blowing launching party.

(c) Pierre Roussel

Eric S. Boisvert
Contamination Magazine

Translated by : Karen Aye

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