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July 8th, 2007 12:31:00
Today, Fantasia presents diversified visions and excitement from the four corners of the globe

War of Flowers, présenté à 14h25 au Théâtre Hall.
War of Flowers, présenté à 14h25 au Théâtre Hall.
Return In Red Director's Cut en présence du réalisateur Tyler Tharpe
Return In Red Director's Cut en présence du réalisateur Tyler Tharpe

Today, Fantasia presents flickering fantastic innovations from all corners of the globe, and brings Anna biller, Adam Green and Tyler Tharpe to our stages!

Time - Believing that Ji-woo is bored with seeing the same, boring her all the time, Seh-hee takes drastic action, leaving him without warning and having drastic cosmetic surgery. After a string of much loved films that broke with the harsh, ranting polemics of his older work in favour of
gentler meditations on life and love, Kim Ki-Duk (THE ISLE) is back to his old tricks with TIME, a film that shows he hasn't lost his angry edge. Montreal premiere.

Ten Nights of Dreams - In 1906, Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume wrote, “I want the people of 100 years hence to solve my riddle." A century later, ten exceptional Japanese filmmakers have accepted the challenge of bringing his famous book of fantastic stories Yume Ju-ya (“Ten Nights of Dreams”) to life on the silver screen — among them, Takashi Shimizu (the JU-ON series), anime star Yoshitaka Amano (VAMPIRE HUNTER D, FINAL FANTASY), OTAKUS IN LOVE director Suzuki Matsuo and Yudai Yamaguchi (CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL, MEATBALL MACHINE). Ten directors, ten tales, ten adventures into artfully executed surrealism laden with levels of symbolism and secrets.

Return In Red – A rare chance to discover this unique director’s cut of a film that should please George Romero’s fans. WORLD PREMIERE of the DIRECTOR ’S CUT Hosted by Writer/Director TYLER THARPE. Not to be missed.

Planet Of Storms - The Soviet cosmonauts in PLANET OF STORMS land on the hot, uneven surface of Venus, which turns out to be a very inhospitable planet for humans but perfect for giant creatures. Besides lava flows, scary plants, dinosaurs and pterodactyls, there is a body of water, which hides evidence of previous inhabitation by intelligent, artistic beings who looked rather human. Even with the assistance of a kind and thoughtful robot, the earth creatures (male and female) are continually in danger. PLANET OF STORMS is a fascinating look at how Soviet scientists/artists thought Venus might be. Within a short time after the film's release it would become known that the planet is incapable of sustaining life.

NOTE: This screening of PLANET OF STORMS replaces our scheduled screening of Tarkovsky's STALKER, which has been postponed due to the print being held at Russian customs.
If you're holding a ticket to the July 8 screening of STALKER, you can either get a refund or you can see PLANET OF STORMS - but, if you choose the latter, hold on to your ticket, as we are adding an additional screening of STALKER on Monday July 16 at 1:30 PM in the Hall, which this ticket will get you in to at no cost, effectively giving you two rare screenings for the price of one!

The Show Must Go On - Having proven his knack for witty and involved storytelling with 2005’s RULES OF DATING, writer/director Han Jae-rim brings his capable and original vision to the gangster genre, with impressive results. The Show Must Go On revolves around a rock-solid central performance by Song Kang-ho, likely the best-know Korean film face, internationally, given the explosive success of The Host (Fantasia regulars will also know him from Joint Security Area, Shiri, The Foul King, The Quiet
Family and of course Park Chan-Wook’s groundbreaking Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance). Canadian premiere.

S&Man A very interesting film about extreme underground horror filmmaking and the reason why viewers are attracted to it. Through some very sly moves, the film ultimately questions the construct of documentary cinema itself, while addressing the voyeurism inherent to the act of filmgoing.

Spiral Adam Green & Joel Moore – From the director of HATCHET comes an incomparable follow-up – a dark relationship drama about a painfully shy telemarketer (co-writer/co-director Joel Moore) and his star-crossed affair with an outgoing, if not equally awkward, co-worker (Amber Tamblin). Hosted by Adam Green - Canadian Premiere.

Spiral en présence du réalisateur Adam Green.

Diary The latest horror film from director Pang (The Eye), showing a schizophrenic young woman ’s cat-and-mouse game between her imagination and reality. Creepy, atmospheric and unsettling, recalling Takashi Miike’s Audition and containing the visual palette of 3 Extremes. North American Premiere.

Viva eye-popping and smart homage to / exploration of early 70’s sexploitation films by post-feminist filmmaker Anna Biller, who stars in the film, and also wrote, directed, edited and designed all costumes and sets. Biller revisits sexploitation themes from a woman’s point of view while reveling in the naïve decadence that gave them their charm – a major buzz film at Rotterdam and San Francisco Indiefest and a true stunner to experience on the big screen. Hosted by Anna Biller and Jared Sanford.

Viva en présence de la réalisatrice Anna Biller et du producteur Jared Sanford

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