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Red State

Canadian Premiere

  • Horror
  • /
  • USA
  • /
  • 2011
  • /
  • 97 min
  • /
  • 35mm
  • /
  • English
Red State Red State Red State Red State Red State

Opening Film

Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2011

Screening Times

“Incredibly shocking... Never has [Smith] been able to pull such extraordinary performances” — Jimmy Martin, SLUG


Director: Kevin Smith
Screenplay: Kevin Smith
Cast: Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, Nicholas Braun, Michael Parks, Melissa Leo
Producers: Jonathan Gordon



You’ve been dying to see it since its controversial world premiere at Sundance, and we’re here to answer your prayers. Spread the good news, apostles of Fantasia will be the first in the country to discover Kevin Smith’s RED STATE! This is no false prophecy — one of the most anticipated horror films of the year is arriving in Montreal this summer. Light a votive candle, thank the Lord above and get ready for a screening that’ll be nothing short of heretical!

What does one do when one is a teenager with too much free time, living out in the boring burbs? Same thing you’d do in the big city — try to get laid! Any tactic is a good one with that end goal in mind, even checking out postings by desperate nymphomaniacs on hook-up sites. After precisely such a dedicated web search, Travis, Billy-Ray and Randy, a trio of high school buddies, believe they may have found their perfect woman, or at least one looking for the same thing they are. This stranger lives not far from their small town, and so the three anxiously await the end of the evening, when they’ll be able to visit her at home. In all honesty, to give any more away would spoil one of the many great surprises waiting in RED STATE, so let’s stick to the essentials. Let’s just say that these three teens soon find themselves in very uncool circumstances, in the clutches of Pastor Cooper and his congregation of hard-right Christians who’ve cooked up some rather radical ways of dealing with sinners. The situation is about to become messy. Very messy. In jus a few hours, the refuge of Pastor Cooper becomes a battlefield and a team of specialists in this type of problem are called to the scene. Led by Agent Joseph Keenan (John Goodman), they have no notion of what awaits them. And neither do you.

Following ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO and COP OUT, Kevin Smith blew a few minds when he announced that he was taking a break from comedies to make a horror flick. Don’t be so shocked — the director of CLERKS manages the mechanisms of the genre masterfully, even giving the impression that it’s his natural territory. A virulent critique of religious extremism, RED STATE is first and foremost a dirty little adrenaline rush, crafted with a remarkable flair for suspense. Forget the brouhaha surrounding it, this descent into hell will leave you with stigmata. Amen!

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

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