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Feature Films : Medicated Monsters: A Spotlight on Filmmaker Adam Wingard

Medicated Monsters: A Spotlight on Filmmaker Adam WingardA few short years ago, Adam Wingard was just scratching the surface of the indie film powerhouse he was to become. When his debut feature HOME SICK had its world premiere at Fantasia in 2007 (making us the first festival to ever show his work), and was quickly followed up with the psychotropic ghost story POP SKULL that same year, it was apparent that something big was brewing that would have repercussions for the way we look at horror films. A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE (2010) and WHAT FUN WE WERE HAVING (2011) saw those predictions play out. Constantly redefining genre with each new film, Wingard’s work is challenging and visually rich while giving its subjects and characters time to breathe and reflect. Blending violence with pitch-black humour and palpable sadness, we can see different genres intersecting and infecting each other in Wingard’s films. With three more films recently announced — YOU’RE NEXT, THE DEVIL’S PUNCHBOWL and a segment in the anthology THE ABCS OF DEATH — we’re experiencing a seismic shift in the genre, and Adam Wingard is at the controls. - Kier-la Janisse

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