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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : Lost Myths

Lost MythsCalling all lovers of eccentric storytelling, bizarro fables and retina-ravishing visual arts. Fantasia is staging a new Lost Myths performance! If you missed last summer’s show or are generally unaware of what this is, Lost Myths is an ongoing art collaboration between acclaimed fantasy author Claude Lalumière (The Door to Lost Pages, Objects of Worship) and illustrator Rupert Bottenberg (whose texts adorn this very programme guide — also illustrator of this year’s gorgeous Weekend Fantastique art, music writer extraordinaire and general superhuman jack of all cultural trades). Described by its creators as “A playful medley of cryptomythological fiction, pantheons, bestiaries, comics, art, games, readings, performances, and more,” Lost Myths (lostmyths.net) is a weekly web series of imaginative legends and hugely inventive fables, illustrated with wondrously surrealistic art to give the myths life. Every now and then, Lalumière and Bottenberg take their show on the road and perform select stories as spoken-word readings and optically intoxicating art slideshows, often with musical and soundscape accompaniment, and always with an impact that leaves audiences tripping with bedazzled smiles plastered on their faces.

For their return to Fantasia, the Lost Myths team will be unveiling a slew of treasures and treats that are sure to astonish fans and newbies alike. A number of the installments will be adapted comics and enhanced versions of stories, many being presented live for the first time anywhere. Meet the giant Tortupine, an aquatic species of mountain (you did indeed read that correctly). Witness the implosive birth of the Nautilusaurus. Discover the secrets of the strange fruit of the charcoal tree near the junction of Egypt, Libya and Sudan. And enjoy the epic “What to Do With the Dead,” presented live in its entirety for the first time. Tons of mind-altering (and often very funny) legends await you, nearly two dozen in all! From the humorous to the strange, the visionary to the whimsical, Lost Myths will rocket you straight out of this dimension on a journey into pure inspiration.

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