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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : La Mythologie Hammer

La Mythologie HammerA conference with Nicolas Stanzick, author of Dans les griffes de la Hammer and journalist at l’Écran Fantastique.

Terence Fisher, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing… More than the point in the history of the cinema when horror finally fully embraced its erotic and violent dimensions, the gothic cycle produced by the British film company Hammer was a veritable landmark of subversion. Satrating in 1957, the unfurling on screen of THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF and of course DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS unleashed a cascade of clashes, upending aesthetics in an era of pop revolution and socio-cultural upheaval.

With numerous key film clips at his disposal, Nicolas Stanzick revisits the amazing arc of these sexy, sanguinary works, violently condemned upon their release yet today celebrated as great classics. He aims for the heart of Hammer’s mythology, more alive then ever at this moment as, like Dracula, it rises again from its grave.

At the J.A. De Sève Cinema, Sunday, July 24, 2 p.m. (precedes the screening of FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN at 3 p.m., free with purchase of ticket for screening)

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