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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : Vies et morts du giallo Book Launch

Vies et morts du giallo Book LaunchAfter launching its first book L’humanisme d'après-guerre japonais at Fantasia in 2010, Panorama-cinéma strikes back with Vies et morts du giallo : de 1963 à aujourd'hui. To celebrate the occasion, your are cordially invited for an evening at Reggie’s Bar on Thursday, July 28.

This new collection of essays focuses on the cult genre of giallo — Italian thrillers which amazed and terrified audiences all over the world during the ’60s and ’70s. After lying in limbo for too long, the genre will finally be honoured with a full-bodied study — almost 500 pages of in-depth analysis! To our knowledge, this is one of the first French-language books of this scale devoted to the genre.

Featuring dozens of drawings by renowned comic book artist Jimmy Beaulieu, an explosive foreword by Fantasia’s own Mitch Davis, an essay by festival programmer Simon Laperrière, more than 40 individual reviews, interviews with Sergio Martino and Ernesto Gastaldi as well as a transcript from a conference given by Dario Argento in October 2010, this new book from Panorama-cinéma promises to be even bigger, brighter and diverse than even its illustrious predecessor!

At Reggie’s Bar on Thursday, July 28, 5 p.m.

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