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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : Architects of The Theatre Bizarre

Architects of The Theatre BizarreWith Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini and Richard Stanley
Moderated by journalist & filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic

Fantasia will be the site of the world premiere of the partially-made-in-Quebec (as well as the USA, the U.K., Germany and France) anthology film, THE THEATRE BIZARRE. One of the most hotly anticipated genre films of 2011, it showcases the combined talents of some of the world’s most exciting and iconoclastic fantastic film figures: Richard Stanley (HARDWARE, DUST DEVIL, THE SECRET GLORY), Karim Hussain (SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY, LA BELLE BÊTE, cinematographer of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), Douglas Buck (SISTERS, CUTTING MOMENTS), Buddy Giovinazzo (COMBAT SHOCK, LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN), David Gregory (PLAGUE TOWN, founder of the Severin video label) and Tom Savini (legendary FX artist — CREEPSHOW, DAWN OF THE DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13TH and countless others, director of the 1990 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake and actor in such films as FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, KNIGHTRIDERS and MACHETE) plus a wraparound segment directed by Jeremy Kasten (THE WIZARD OF GORE). Our launch of the film will be a special kind of homecoming. The work of each filmmaker has been showcased at Fantasia over the past 15 years, most met each other here and the project itself came together in large part at the festival. Join us for an hour-long discussion with the entire pack of filmmakers!

At Reggie’s Bar, Sunday, July 17, 5:30 p.m., free admission

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