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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : A Star-Studded Live Tribute to John Dunning & André Link

A Star-Studded Live Tribute to John Dunning & André LinkFor our fifteenth anniversary, Fantasia pays tribute to the history and heritage of Quebecois and Canadian genre cinema by way of a special event honouring the maverick producing team of John Dunning and André Link. Over the spawn of their 40-year partnership, Dunning and Link founded the legendary Cinépix production company — which eventually became what we now know as Lionsgate — and helped launch the careers of some of Canada's most celebrated independent film titans.

Join us before our free retrospective screening of a rare 35mm archival print of Cronenberg’s SHIVERS for a special ceremony paying tribute to the trailblazing producing team, that will feature reminiscences by a score of Canadian film industry players whose careers were shaped by their bravery and vision. Participants will include filmmakers George Mihalka (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, PINBALL SUMMER), Denis Héroux (VALÉRIE, THE UNCANNY), Jean-Claude Lord (FRANKENSTEIN 2000, VISITING HOURS), Larry Kent (YESTERDAY, HIGH), actor Danielle Ouimet (DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, VALÉRIE), actor Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS, THE CRAZIES), producer Don Carmody (PORKY’S, CHICAGO), Christal Films founder and producer Christian Larouche (GERRY, LES 3 P’TITS COCHONS), SODEC president François Macerola and others — plus pre-taped statements from David Cronenberg and Ilsa herself, Dyanne Thorne. The participants will be interviewed on stage by Paul Corupe, film journalist and founder of Canuxploitation.com.

At the Hall Theatre, Wednesday, July 20, 6:45 p.m., (ceremony precedes SHIVERS screening), free admission

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