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Quebec Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2011
  • 60 mins
  • HD
  • English
WINNER: Spirit of ActionFest Award, ActionFest 2012

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Toronto After Dark 2011
Fantastic Fest 2011

“Goofy, violent, funny, cheap, and charming” — Matt Singer, IFC

"I fucking loved MANBORG. It feels like Steve haunted all of our childhood dreams and brought them to life in his garage." — Jason Eisener, Director of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN

"Enjoyably ridiculous" — Dennis Harvey, Variety

Count Draculon’s robo-Nazi-vampires from Hell have taken over the Earth, and humanity’s last hope rests in the efforts of a motley lot of misfits torn from the pantheon of schlock genre-cinema circa the 1980s. There’s an Australian punker, a knife-wielding anime chick, a kung fu master (voiced with deliriously pitch-perfect stoicism by Kyle Herbert, the narrator from DRAGON BALL Z), and of course the titular Manborg, a literal cinematic Frankenstein emblematic of pulp sci-fi as obscure as Charles Band’s ELIMINATORS and as broad as ROBOCOP and THE TERMINATOR. The master of ceremonies to this cacophony of laserblasts is Steven Kostanski, the special effects prodigy of Winnipeg’s filmmaking collective Astron-6 (FATHER’S DAY), who deftly juggles co-writing, editing and directing duties with the ambitious creation of an extraordinary barrage of elaborate miniatures, iconic costumes and delirious stop-motion creatures that would have Harryhausen high-five the ghost of David W. Allen. Most impressively, despite drawing from so many sources, Kostanski’s universe remains unmistakably original, his voice unquestionably unique and his talent impossible to deny.

— Peter Kuplowsky