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Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Canadian Premiere
Hosted by Writer/Director Boris Rodriguez, Producer Michael A. Dobbin and Actor Dylan Smith

“Pure fun from its first moment to its last... Has ‘future cult film’ written all over it” — Peter Gutierrez, TWITCHFILM

“The most personable flesheater since DAY OF THE DEAD’s Bub” — Michael Gingold, FANGORIA

Lars Olafssen is a world-renowned Danish painter, but he hasn’t managed to churn out anything worthwhile for a few years now. Craving isolation from the fancy art world, he lands in a Ontarian small town in the middle of nowhere to become an art teacher. There he meets fellow teacher Leslie and Eddie, the town’s simpleton. Since his aunt is the patron of the art school, Lars has to welcome Eddie in his class. He’s a kind soul, so when the aunt dies, Lars agrees to take him into his home. Only he quickly learns Eddie’s real problem: he’s a sleepwalking cannibal. But as he discovers the murders, he finds that they actually bring him a surge of creative inspiration that allow him to create new art, works so awaited that they quickly sell for big amounts. And that money is needed by the school to keep going now that the patron has passed. If it’s for a good cause, it’s not so wrong to encourage Eddie to eat just a little bit more, right?

While the title may sound like a horror film, EDDIE centers much more on dark comedy played seriously in the Coen Brothers’ style, especially with a wintry small town and unlikeable cop that reference FARGO, while taking little jabs at the pretensions of the art world. Montrealer Boris Rodriguez’s feature debut is a Denmark–Canada co-production, a rare thing in the genre film world. Leading the film is experienced Danish Actor Thure Lindhardt (who you may know from his leading turns in FLAME & CITRON and BROTHERHOOD), making a nice turn away from drama to walk a fine line, playing a likable guy whose moral compass gets screwed up and becomes the enabler, while being wryly funny. PONTYPOOL’s Georgina Reilly has an interesting part as Lars’ love interest-slash-partner in crime, and Dylan Smith brings great presence as the silent and dim-witted Eddie (props to him doing many scenes running around naked in the snow.) Together, they ask us: how far would you go to create your masterpiece?

— Stephanie Trepanier