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La Nuit excentrique 2: la suite

  • 2011
  • 180 mins
Hosted by Allison De Fren, Director of THE MECHANICAL BRIDE

Dear Nuit Excentrique spectators, we feel it is Fantasia’s responsibility to express its concerns regarding your mental health. Many of you showed up last year to watch on the big screen some of the worst atrocities in the history of cinema. You have witnessed the disaster that is DEVIL STORY. You’ve had an improbable encounter with the unforgettable Captain Straight-Ahead. As the images of the stupefying I AM HERE... NOW rolled by, you had lost all hope in humanity. You’ve survived this overdose of mediocrity to your detriment of your mind, by now in a state similar to Charlie Sheen’s. It took you months to get over it and now, one year later, you tell us you are willing you relive this diabolical experience? We suspect you to be suffering from an untreatable case of masochistic trash-o-philia, but since you insist, your wish is our command.

Welcome to Montreal’s second Nuit Excentrique, a celebration of distressing (but hilarious) cinema! Our program starts off in grand style with a strange selection of filmic oddities taken from the archives of the prestigious Film Society. You will discover hallucinatory shorts of unknown origins, including an impressive number of Quebec productions. Next, we have uncovered for you a pretty little mess hailing from the old country. Produced in 1987, Pierre B. Reinhard’s LA REVANCHE DES MORTES VIVANTES is recognized as being the very first French gore film. That, let’s face it, is its only merit. This horrible production lives up to its ridiculous title and overflows with pathetic special effects, uniquely idiotic dialogue, gratuitous nudity and much more! The plot? Who cares! If you like your turnips extra-cheesy, you’ll surely be satisfied. Following this, our friends at have prepared an exclusive compilation of clips taken from the worst cataclysms to ever have been put on celluloid. There will be ninjas, giant critters and dubious translations. The room will be assaulted by an energy comparable to Monday nights at Brouhaha Pub.

To close things off, we have laid our hands on a film so delirious that we cannot name it in these pages. Is it an improbable sequel to a cinema classic, a botched remake of a Hollywood blockbuster or a contemporary disaster? While you’ll have to be there to find out, we can already promise you that this surprise screening will be... excentrique!

— Simon Laperrière