DJ XL5's Zappin' Party Happening


DJ XL5 is back with yet another short-film program that functions as a veritable self-contained film festival. He links the films together with other assorted footage to simulate a worthwhile night of rapid-fire channel-surfing. This year, 30 shorts captured his attention. Germany gives us a peek at the weirdness of David O’Reilly’s THE EXTERNAL WORLD. Argentina’s own Juan Pablo Zaramella proposes HOTCORN! , a clear demonstration of his own brand of humour. Australia sends us a “OMG, never seen that one coming” with Nash Edgerton’s BEAR. From France comes Clément Deneux’s ZOMBINLADEN, THE AXIS OF EVIL DEAD, an over-the-top fake trailer. The Netherlands ships over Jeroen Annokkeé’s SUGAR (SUIKER), a guaranteed home run. Sweden provide us with Johannes Nyholm’s LAS PALMAS, a very trashy experience. Joule Thief’s WALDO THE MOVIE - OFFICIAL TRAILER is the ultimate American action flick preview. THE PIG FARMER is a short animated cartoon by Nick Cross — a simple tale of a wayward soul, tragedy and regret. You zombie lovers will go ape crazy for Todd Cobery'sZOMBIE CHIC.

This year’s program also marks the triumphant return of Simon’s Cat, that endearingly egocentric feline created by the U.K.’s Simon Tofield, with five new clips making their provincial debut. Adam Green, a regular short-pusher of DJ XL5’s, is back with the jubilant DOWNLOADING AND YOU. American Maverick Bill Plympton presents SUMMER BUMMER, yet another sick fantasy. Quebec filmmakers are far from forgotten. Simon Beaupré has created two hysterically funny mash-ups, both featuring Evil James Bond. He also directed two over-the-top shorts, GAZ and RETOUR AU MONT NOSHAQ. Internationally renowned Patrick Boivin persevere with two new stop-motions fantasies, THE REAL AVENGER and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Remzi Can Erdem rewrites the history of the world with NOT TIKTAALIK. Mathieu Lavigne and François Pelletier propose a Quebec version of Mexico’s SUPERZAN and renamed him SUPER-CAPE L'INVINCIBLE. Jocelyn Leduc will entertain you with the very inventive CATS II. François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell (the Roadkill Superstar crew) deliver their “director’s cut” of their world-wide headturner T IS FOR TURBO. Three micro shorts are also featured in this program: Serge Olivier Rondeau’s CARRÉ ROUGE, Raphaël Toulouse’s PAC CHAREST and Vincent Tourigny’s SOIRÉE DU HOCKEY/HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA. And nothing could wrap up such an evening better than a Norwegian classic, Gaute Hesthagen’s DANNY’S MAGICAL POTION.

DJ XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer whose events kick off 20 minutes before the announced time. Trashy videos, eccentric trailers and dumbfounding musical performances accompany the audience to its seats.