Tales from Beyond the Pale: Live

Special Live Event Presented by Larry Fessenden, Glenn McQuaid and Douglas Buck.

On-stage performers include Tony Todd (CANDYMAN, HATCHET), Jeremy Gardner (SPRING, THE BATTERY) and Tales regulars Roxanne Benjamin, Sam Zimmerman and Fessenden, among many others. Tales are penned by Douglas Buck (CUTTING MOMENTS, SISTERS, THE ACCIDENT), McQuaid and April Snellings (“Cold Reading”) and Fessenden. Poster by live Tale regular Trevor Denham.

Monday, July 27, at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club, 1222 Mackay
Doors: 9:30 PM - Show: 10PM

“As an entire experience, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE LIVE definitely lived up to the hype, providing a one-of-a-kind stage performance that was as gripping as it was disturbing. “ - Fangoria

“Fans of shows from A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION to THIS AMERICAN LIFE that take their stylistic cues from radio’s glory days should enjoy these macabre R-rated tales.” 
— New York Times

“Radio plays for the digital age”. In the five years since its inception, it’s become the stuff of horror legend. Live storytelling performances, complete with musical accompaniment, on-stage foley work and extensive sound design.

There have been performances across the U.S., popular CD sets, a Communicator Award of Excellence.

The shows are notoriously entertaining. Imaginative. Frightening. FUN.

Now, it’s coming for Montreal.

Fantasia is ghoulishly proud to be presenting the first-ever TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE live show on Canadian soil.

Taking its inspiration from the vintage radio shows of Hitchcock and Welles, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE is the creation of acclaimed independent filmmakers Larry Fessenden (HABIT, THE LAST WINTER) and Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD, V/H/S). Through them and their extensive Glass Eye Pix production team and indie film allies, they’ve produced a unique series of “radio play” podcasts and theatrical storytelling happenings that have mesmerized and amazed audiences lucky enough to have the experience.

For this special Canadian debut, the Glass Eye Pix team are putting together a night that will surely go down in festival history, featuring all new Tales by McQuaid, Fessenden and series newcomer Douglas Buck (SISTERS, THE THEATRE BIZARRE).

Your master of ceremonies for the evening will be Larry Fessenden himself. You’re in for one hell of a treat.