“I'll blast in my own memory! I'm still recovering from the surreal, sweet thrill of watching my favorite film THE DEVILS with the now sadly passed Ken Russell introducing it, then having lunch with him and his darling wife Lisi the next day. And better still, going to the Cinemathèque québecoise in the evening, where Russell and I sat together — two of only 5 people in the theatre! — where we watched a 35mm print of LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM, both of us singing the rousing tune ‘The D'Ampton Worm’ at the top of our lungs. Ken died the following year. The experience was a gift that I will treasure as long as my mind still works. And it was extra magical because it was at Fantasia, in the streets, cinemas and cafe's of beautiful Montreal.”

— Chris Alexander, Shock Til You Drop, Fangoria

“For me, Fantasia represents the triumph of breaking down barriers. Filmmakers, members of the media, industry professionals, volunteers and fans from around the world have opportunities to socialize, work together and create. I've been attending the festival for over a decade as a journalist, a filmmaker, a jury member and an industry panelist. I've also written for the program as a volunteer, curated an art show, and this year I have the privilege of pitching a project in the Frontieres film market. But more importantly, I've become part of a family that's gifted me with like-minded, genre-loving friends that I'll have for life. Because of that, Fantasia has redefined the very definition of a film festival.”

— Dave Alexander, Editor in Chief, Rue Morgue Magazine

“In 2009 I remember driving 8 hours to Montreal to the world premiere of a film I produced called “Sweet Karma”. I couldn’t believe sitting in a packed theatre with so many amazing film fans watching our movie. The excitement in the air was so intense that never wanted to ever premiere a film anywhere else. Since then, I’ve had 8 more films have their world premieres at Fantasia and it’s become a staple for us. I don’t know if it’s the amazing fans, the organized staff, or the city itself but every screening I’ve attended at Fantasia captures the same thrilling anticipation that a film lover wants to feel right before the lights go out. I’ve travelled from Toronto to Taiwan with our films and I truly feel blessed that my favorite festival in the world remains right here in Canada.”

— Chad Archibald, Director of BITE, THE DROWNSMAN

« Petit, j'écoutais des westerns et des films de Kung Fu. Des films de fantômes et des sciences fictions qui se passaient sur des planètes au brouillard constant. Des "objets étranges" qui jouaient à la télé à des heures impossibles, des films au goût discutable de "combat de truckeurs" sur les écrans géants des cinéparc de région. Des films où des enfants possédés prenaient le contrôle d'un village et des robots provenant d'une autre planète, le monde entier. Des films qui, dès la première image, nous transportaient dans un monde parallèle. Fantasia me permet encore d'être cet enfant. »


“I first attended the Fantasia International Film Festival in 2001. My girlfriend at the time was a journalism student at Concordia, and she told me that she’d randomly come across a listing for a local film festival that looked like it might appeal to my jaundiced cinematic interests, which she’d developed a tolerance towards. The next time I took the train up to Montreal to visit her, I combed through the Fantasia program guide, circling titles that I thought we should try to see. I circled almost everything in it, but we were only able to see a few films at the Imperial Cinema (A LIVING HELL and CITIZEN TOXIE are the only two I can recall) before I had to return to work. Nonetheless, I held onto the program, determined to track down everything that I’d missed. There were so many films I’d never even heard of, all of which sounded amazing, that just reading through the plot descriptions felt like a rare education in the type of cinema I wanted to be making.

A decade later, I had the privilege to attend Fantasia for the second time with a film that I had written and produced, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, as well as the world premiere of another film that I wrote part of, WHAT FUN WE WERE HAVING. I explained to the programmers there (many of whom I can now happily count as friends) that being there was like the realization of a dream for me. But I didn’t mean just having a film there; I meant having a Fantasia filmmaker badge that would get me into screenings for free. I saw something like 35 films that week, at least a dozen of which did irreparable harm to my brain, and of course rushed back at the first opportunity the next year, this time with the anthology film V/H/S, to repeat the experience all over again. Fantasia is not only one of the few festivals in the world that will always feel like a home to me, but it consistently features the most eclectic and exciting lineup of any festival in the world, taking chances on and discovering original films that might otherwise escape my radar. To this day, even if I can’t attend Fantasia, I comb through the program online every year, making notes of what films are playing to ensure that I know what to keep an eye out for.

Here’s to 20 more years.”

— Simon Barrett, Screenwriter of YOU’RE NEXT, THE GUEST

"Fantasia International Film Festival: Movies you want to see, programmed by weirdoes you want to hang with, screened for the most enthusiastic audiences in the world. No other festival compares!"

— Richard Bates, Jr., Director of EXCISION, TRASH FIRE

"Fantasia is completely and utterly unique, one of the largest festivals in the world that has never lost sight of the giddy enthusiasm that led to its creation in the first place, a place where fans and creators mingle as equals. May it never die."

– Todd Brown, Executive Producer of THE RAID, SPRING, Founder of Twitch / Screen Anarchy, Director of International Programming at Fantastic Fest

« Joyeux 20ème anniversaire à tous les Fantasiaphiles. J’aimerais souligner non seulement l’excellence du Festival Fantasia mais aussi son importance: Fantasia occupe une place particulière dans mon cœur pour son dévouement au cinéma de genre, par la passion de tous les gens impliqués qui contribues à son évolution, par l’ardeur au travail des volontaires sans qui cela ne serait pas possible et surtout par son public qui augmente année après année ce qui en fait maintenant un des Festivals les plus importants qui soit.

Joyeux 20ème anniversaire à FANTASIA! »

— Erik Canuel, réalisateur de BON COP BAR COP, LE DERNIER TUNNEL

"Fantasia has been an amazing supporter of my work, from the very first screening of my very first short in 2011, to the world premiere of 'Tales of Halloween' last year. Mitch rocks the crowd like a star, and the audience is amongst the most vocal, enthusiastic and knowledgeable I've come across in any festival. Here's to another fantastic 20 years.”

— Axelle Carolyn, Director of SOULMATE, THE LAST POST

«Sans Fantasia, où serions nous? Merci pour tout et bon anniversaire!»

— Hélène Cattet et Bruno Forzani, réalisateurs de AMER, L'ÉTRANGE COULEUR DES LARMES DE TON CORPS

"The star of the PHANTASM series, Angus Scrimm, and I traveled up to Montreal in 1998 for our first visit to Fantasia. We were both stunned by the size and breadth of the festival and the kind and knowledgeable film fans in attendance. We enjoyed a great screening of PHANTASM OBLIVION in the packed main theater and then were able to meet hundreds of savvy horror fans from around the world. Pierre, Mitch and Tony are true masters at mounting a great film festival!"

— Don Coscarelli, Director of PHANTASM, BUBBA HO-TEP

“Wishing our friends at Fantasia much love as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. Fantasia is an event unlike any other, and its success is due to the amazing people involved. Fantasia is truly a world-class AFI Festival.”

— Susan Curran, Anchor Bay Canada, United Front Entertainment

“Fantasia was easily my favorite festival experience with WOLFCOP - which was my first film as a writer & director. I vividly remember walking toward the theatre and seeing a long, STAR WARS-like line out the door and around the block. Surprised, I asked what the people were going to see... and they said WOLFCOP. It was all uphill from there! The packed crowd was wonderful and rowdy as hell. The audience laughed and howled appropriately. The organizers were very welcoming. The whole community felt like one big family. The experience was a dream come true, and I can't wait to get back there — either as an audience member or with another film. Happy birthday, Fantasia! You rock.”

— Lowell Dean, Director of WOLFCOP

“Over 20 years, Fantasia has built an audience and family that has influenced so many filmmakers. Growing up making films in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia it was always a dream to one day have my work play at Fantasia. There's an energy in the air that is unlike any other festival. The audience is so electric and supportive they have literally given me chills up my spine and inspired me to chase that feeling again. I've met some of my best friends and colleagues at Fantasia and every year feels like a family reunion that keeps growing. I have memories of screenings and adventures that I'll never forget and can't wait to have more!”

— Jason Eisener, Director of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, TREEVENGE

« L’intégrité est le carburant de la durabilité. Fantasia, au cours des 20 dernières années, a été un guerrier fidèle à sa vocation de faire découvrir le cinéma de genre au commun des mortels. Longue vie à Fantasia, hâte de voir les 20 prochaines années. And May the Force… Ah, shit… You know the saying. »

— Simon Olivier Fecteau, coscénariste et réalisateur de CES GARS LÀ et coréalisateur de BLUFF

“Memories of Fantasia… As a genre writer and wannabe publisher the second ever Fantasia, in 1997, is when it all started for me. Memories of Takashi Miike bursting into our collective consciousness with FUDOH. Memories of meeting the late, great Chas Balun, horror fanwriter par excellence, a formative influence and supporter of my early work, arguing with Nacho Cerda that Aftermath goes too far. TOO FAR for Mr. Deep Red, oh Lord! Memories of Richard Stanley with stage blood dripping from his hands. Memories of the Gun for Jennifer promo stunt outside the Imperial cinema… a mad woman wielding a pistol in the street a sight to stop the heart of a timid Englishman. Memories of meeting Mitch and Karim for the first time, wired on nothing but caffeine and adrenaline, exhausting in their zeal to promote cult cinema. The memories were too strong to shake, and I needed more, so I was back in Montreal again in 98… then 99… a habit had formed. There were enough memories in just those three early years to fill a book… and by then my own dream had come true. I was now a book publisher, and Fantasia allowed me to launch my publications at the festival. Fear Without Frontiers, Agitator, House of Psychotic Women, Behind the Pink Curtain, Motion Picture Purgatory, No Borders No Limits, a retrospective screening of Donald Cammell’s White of the Eye to launch a book about the man as cursed as the life of the tortured soul who made the film. FAB Press has grown hand in hand with Fantasia, and whether the festival staff know it or not, our paths are inextricably linked. But when another 20 years has passed, regardless of whether or not our ties remain as close, it is the multitude of exquisitely haunting memories that will never fade. Fantasia dares us all to dream collectively in the dark, and to share experiences in the light of day. It is about movies, but it is also about people. Enjoy every minute, relish every encounter, and keep those memories close.”

— Harvey Fenton, Publisher, FAB Press

“Fantasia is a beacon on the hill in the world of horror festivals. There are more horror fests now than when Fantasia launched two decades ago, but none with the rabid enthusiasm of the international crowd which gathers for the grueling marathon of screenings each year. The fest has been a fabulous way to introduce new work, to see old gems projected (ANGST and DRUNKEN MASTER were highlights for me) and it is a place to meet like-minded maniacs. Long live Fantasia!”

— Larry Fessenden, Director of HABIT, THE LAST WINTER

“When I saw the line of dark-clad Fantasia fans wrapped around Rue de Bleury, waiting for the Imperial doors to open, my heart swelled with pride. Our hallucinogenic-fueled, teen Satanist film had found a home.”

— Peter Filardi, Director of RICKY 6, Screenwriter of THE CRAFT

“In a lot of ways, my career started at Fantasia. There's a real sense of discovery here, and you can feel it in the films it showcases — each one has some kind of spark in them, something truly fantastic, regardless of budget, scope, star power or studios. This is a true film festival, and I hope to be a part of it for years and years to come.”

— Mike Flanagan, Director of OCCULUS, HUSH

« Je suis de la génération d'avant Woodstock. Je n'étais pas présent à Woodstock, mais les images que j'en ai vues, l'atmosphère qui s'en dégageait, me font penser que Woodstock, c'est comme le Festival Fantasia: le même délire, la même passion, la même ferveur pour le cinéma et la même exaltation de regarder des films tous ensemble. Donc pour moi, Fantasia est au cinéma ce que Woodstock fût pour la musique. »

— Claude Fournier, réalisateur, scénariste, directeur de la photographie, monteur, producteur et codirecteur d’Éléphant : mémoire du cinéma québécois.

“Congratulations on 20 years of showcasing the best, craziest and most surprising genre films from all the corners of the world. Fantasia quickly became a must destination for horror/action/Asian-cinema fans and journalists in the 1990s, and it has only become more vital in the years since. There are countless movies I never would have discovered if not for the fest, and I look forward to many more in the next 20 years and beyond!”

— Michael Gingold, Fangoria Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine

“Wow, 20 years of Fantasia! Gesine and I are so honored to be part of this wonderful family. Because a family is what it is. Their love of the genre, of the filmmakers and most of all, the fans, is what makes this family so special. We wish Fantasia another 20 years of discovering and supporting talent, of bringing people together, and of course showcasing the most challenging and disturbing films in the genre. Amazing, that the darkest films are presented by the warmest and friendliest people!”

— Buddy Giovinazzo, Director of COMBAT SHOCK, LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN

“20 years! Wow, that's older than some of my underwear. Had some amazing adventures at Fantasia, like the time an audience member sitting next to me fainted during one of your screenings and I went out to the lobby to get help. The only person there was a girl at the concession stand. The conversation went something like this: ‘A guy just fainted in the theater!’ ‘Cool!’ And of course I'll never forget you bringing Jeffrey Combs and me to present a live performance of NEVERMORE. A magical experience in a beautiful old theater that transported the entire audience back to 1848. Many thanks to you and the Fantasia gang. Long may you wave!”

— Stuart Gordon, Director of RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND

“HATCHET's Fantasia premiere was like a rock concert and 10 years later it still remains the craziest screening I've ever witnessed of any film anywhere. Happy 20th anniversary, Fantasia! Thank you for twenty years of bringing together the loudest and most passionate horror fans on the planet.”

— Adam Green, Director of HATCHET, FROZEN

"Fantasia oozes love for genre cinema. They gave Theatre Bizarre the premiere treatment we would never had received from the festivals that filmmakers covet for the unveiling of their work. The film, and the multitude of directors, actors, crew who who descended upon opening weekend a few years back were welcomed in Montreal and treated like we were in town to unveil an A List movie. It's a weekend I'll never forget, solidified many existing friendships and made a ton of new ones. It also directly led to great coverage (not just in genre press but also the mainstream, like Variety) and interest from distributors. The nervous dance of hoping to be selected to that bigger festival was moot because none of them could have treated this film better than Fantasia. My label Severin Films has presented other films in the festival but I wish we were more prolific so as to be at the festival every year because the programming, the team behind it and the folk that attend are always top notch. Truly one of the best.”

— David Gregory, Director of LOST SOUL, PLAGUE TOWN, Founder of Severin Films

“Fantasia remains to this day one of my very favorite film festivals in the world!”

— James Gunn, Director of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, SUPER

“It's safe to say I wouldn't have a career without Fantasia. It was a labour of love and passion among friends from the beginning, which is still my favourite way to work. Fantasia opened so many doors and cemented so many friendships and collaborations that continue to this day. We genre people used to be considered marginal, but genre movies now are recognized as one of the most popular and consistently supported forms of cinema, so the world has caught up. And Fantasia, as it gets larger and more important, is still largely done by obsessive friends working together. A beautiful thing.”

— Karim Hussain csc, Cinematographer of ANTIVIRAL, HYENA ROAD

"Fantasia was the first festival that ever welcomed me, treated me like a peer - or treated me like any kind of professional whatsoever. Going to my first Fantasia in 1999 was the first time it occurred to me that what I was doing even was a profession, because here were all these crazy people from all corners of the globe, and they were all doing the same thing. I instantly felt like part of a tribal family, and it’s a feeling that’s never gone away, as much as Fantasia continues to grow and evolve. That is one of the most amazing things about Fantasia – it is one of the hugest festivals on the planet, and yet there is no stratification. Mitch Davis in particular has always nurtured this - no matter how established or completely green you are, Mitch treats you with the same respect. What can I say – Fantasia changed my life.”

— Kier-la Janisse, Author of HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN, Founder of Spectacular Optical Publications, Co-Founder of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, Festival Director of Monster Fest

"Fantasia is what I dreamed film festivals would be like when I was in school. Not only is it the most banging festival in Canada, it's the first stop on the great genre railroad. Board it however you can. Submit, attend, volunteer; I promise you won't regret it."


"I went to Fantasia several times and have many great memories of the festival. Watching films and then being able to talk about them with others was always great fun. And that time I was taken to see fireworks was the best. There are many films at Fantasia that I want to see but without (Japanese) subtitles, they are a little hard for me to follow. This makes me a bit sad."

— Shusuke Kaneko, Director of DEATH NOTE, GODZILLA GMK

“Fantasia is a fabulous Film Festival that treats film makers wonderfully, even the most obstreperous directors like me!!

Don't Change! Happy Birthday Fantasia!!!!”

— Larry Kent, Director of THE BITTER ASH, SHE WHO MUST BURN

“When we heard that our first feature got accepted to Fantasia we were psyched because all we've been hearing is how amazing is its crowd. And then we truly got to know them and it was wild. This crowd can amplify any movie experience to 11. When we came back with our sophomore film, BIG BAD WOLVES, the crowd huffed and puffed and almost blew the house down. It was so loud it even made the evening news in Israel. Fantasia has truly been good to us over the years and it will always feel like home. A truly twisted, fucked up yet warm and cuddly home away from home.”

— Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado, Directors of RABIES, BIG BAD WOLVES

“In my long life as a filmmaker, I have attended many film festivals all over the world, but one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling was Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival where they screened my 1971 film, WAKE IN FRIGHT. The theater was perfect; picture and sound were impeccable. Of course, I love Montreal, because I made THE APPRENTICESHIP OF DUDDY KRAVITZ there. My pleasure was enhanced by the thoughtful and considerate treatment I received from the festival staff. And I was allowed to bring in to my screening a huge number of friends and colleagues from my time there. I want to extend my warmest congratulations to Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. May you have many, many more years! For the Festival provides an important and special niche for filmmakers of fantasy films.”

— Ted Kotcheff, Director of FIRST BLOOD, WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S

« Fantasia, c’est la magie du cinéma : rencontres, partage, bonheur ! J’ai eu la chance de m’y faire des amis, d’y voir des petits bijoux de films, d’y présenter 4 court-métrages, un long-métrage et un deuxième cette année, « Mon ami Dino », lors de la soirée de clôture. À l’image de son équipe, un festival sans autre prétention que celle de semer la joie dans le cœur de ses nombreux fans. Bonne fête mon ami Fantasia!"

— Jimmy Larouche, réalisateur, producteur et scénariste de MON AMI DINO, ANTOINE ET MARIE

“The first time I came to Fantasia with CENTURION was not the first time any of my movies had played there, and so I already felt like part of the family, and the crowd did nothing to dispel that feeling. Because that what's what I've carried away with me each time I've screened a movie there. The crowd is incredible. Possibly the best audience reaction I've ever experienced at any festival! They're vocal, for sure, but never too rowdy and always in support of the work. They love their genre movies and it's infectious! When I came back last year, along with a whole host of horror friends and colleagues to screen TALES OF HALLOWEEN, they didn't disappoint. We couldn't have wished for a better location for the world premiere. Thanks, Fantasia! Here's to another 20 years of excellence!”

— Neil Marshall, Director of THE DESCENT, GAME OF THRONES

"Congratulations to the Fantasia Film Festival on 20 great years. Every time I'm fortunate enough to attend, I am reminded of the charm of Montreal and its wonderful film community. Here's to another 100 years."

— Lucky McKee, Director of MAY, THE WOMAN

“It's unearthed hidden treasures for twenty years. Nothing is too weird for Fantasia, which is why I love it so much. And for the support it’s shown to my own films, I love it even more. In a boring grey world, Fantasia is a throbbing beacon of vitality.”

— Robert Morgan, Director of BOBBY YEAH, THE CAT WITH HANDS

“Fantasia screened Brian O Malley's Let Us Prey in 2014 . It was definitely one of the most exciting and memorable screenings the film had. The screening was in a very large theatre. There was a huge crowd. It was noisy. It was lively. No joke it was like a rock show. I was thrilled to say a few words before the film and try out my French. Great meeting like-minded filmmakers at the festival. Merci Montreal. Merci Fantasia”

— Brendan McCarthy, Producer of THE HALLOW, LET US PREY

“Wishing continued success to Fantasia, the coolest and largest genre film festival in North America. Happy 20th! It was an honor and a pleasure to participate and hang out in the lovely city of Montreal with Mitch and the Fantasia gang.”


« D'avoir ouvert Fantasia fut un grand honneur et je n'ai que d'éloges à l'égard de ce festival et de ces organisateurs qui ont su se frayer un chemin d'eux-mêmes et se bâtir un auditoire fidèle. Je souhaite bonne fête et longue vie à cette fête du cinéma pleine de vie et de folie! »

— Kim Nguyen, réalisateur de TWO LOVERS AND A BEAR, REBELLE

"Fantasia is one of my all-time favorite festivals. I love the programming, the city, and especially the audiences. They're the best in the world!"

— Bill Plympton, Director of IDIOTS & ANGELS, CHEATIN’

« Le festival fantasia en est un où les cinéphiles rencontrent les fans de cinéma. Un festival vivant, engagé et vital pour le Québec et maintenant le monde. Il n'y a rien comme voir un film là, car c'est l'énergie des fans qui retentit. Toujours! Et sans compromis. »

— PODZ (Daniel Grou), réalisateur de KING DAVE, L’AFFAIRE DUMONT

« Fantasia mon festival! C’est à Fantasia que The Weinstein Company ont remarqué mon film SUR LE SEUIL, de Éric Tessier, et acheté les droits de remake. C’est comme juré à Fantasia que j’ai vu des films de genre extraordinaires, venant de touts les coins du monde. C’est à Fantasia que King Dave, de Daniel Grou – Podz a l’honneur d’ouvrir sa 20e edition. Fantasia est devenu un festival incontournable, reconnu sur la scène internationale. Bravo à toute l’équipe de Fantasia. »

— Nicole Robert, productrice de KING DAVE, SUR LE SEUIL

« Devinez où a été montré le premier film que j’ai écrit (SUR LE SEUIL) en première mondiale? À Fantasia! Et quel accueil délirant! Bravo pour l’encouragement aux films de genre québécois! »

— Patrick Senécal, auteur de SUR LE SEUIL, LES SEPT JOURS DU TALION

"Mitch Davis and the Fantasia Film Festival took a chance on my film and changed my life in the process. The festival surrounds itself on all sides with people who truly love and appreciate unique films... that's what makes the fest so incredibly special."

— Sarah Adina Smith, Director of THE MIDNIGHT SWIM, BUSTER’S MAL HEART

“Fantasia means so much to me.”

— Sion Sono, Director of LOVE EXPOSURE, COLD FISH

"In 20 wild and wondrous years we have had the privilege of watching the exotic, dearly beloved li'l critter that Fantasia once was grow into the glorious, multi-colored beast it is today! Age regardless, it remains my favorite genre festival on this or any planet."

— Richard Stanley, Director of HARDWARE, DUST DEVIL

"Congratulations Fantasia on 20 successful years bringing the biggest, the best, the wildest, the masterful, the undiscovered, the intimate, the spectacular, the bloody, the loud and game-changing genre films to beautiful Montreal every summer. May your crowds meow for 20 more years!"

— Travis Stevens, Producer of JODOROWSKY’S DUNE, WE ARE STILL HERE

“Diehard cinephiles have their own individualistic bucket lists and if yours doesn't include attending a packed Fantasia screening then you might wanna check that pulse of yours. This Montreal based genre fest in the early days was the best kept secret amongst certain genre fans. I came in the late 90s and stayed for nearly 3months and then stayed every year. If you weren't friends with folks at Fangoria, or industry peeps or premiering your film, then chances were you probably didn't know about the film .. but that was the early days. It wasn't a small fest that grew in attendance, FANTASIA hit the ground running with guns blazing in every direction. Being at those early festivals was a real rush. It was a small organisation that really got the early details right. They hired the right people and they were very inclusive in their programming. This was a real populist festival at heart. There was zero snobbery or elitism to be found anywhere. I haven't been for many years now because it overlaps with our festival here in New Zealand - I couldn't even attend films I produced like Devil Dared Me To, Turbo Kid, Deathgasm, Housebound and this year I'm not even going to be there for The Greasy Strangler and that just kills me. So even though I've attended festivals around the world with films I still haven't seen a feature I'm involved with play to a Fantasia crowd - and you know what - I'm kinda pissed about that very fact. I just hit 50 and now I feel a sense of urgency to get there with a film. But it has to be a good one. A real fucking crowd-pleaser.. something that will get Mitch Davis foaming his bung off on stage... I wanna see that long-haired stud go apeshit banzai in a memorable introduction to the movie. And I wanna be seated in just the perfect row with old friends.. I'll probably sneak some beer in.. and then I want the lights to go down and the flickering to begin. Dear God or Allah or whoever is listening to me - I want that more than anything - please make it happen soon. I ain't getting younger…”


“Fantasia is home when it comes to the festival circuit. Mitch Davis and the entire Fantasia programming team have a great eye for talent. Their support has elevated the career of the filmmakers I work with and in turn done the same for myself as a producer. Frontières only further exemplifies its strategic position in terms of helping discover and promote projects it believes in. I look forward to another 20 years to come!”

— Andrew van den Houten, Producer of THE WOMAN, ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE

"There is nothing in the world like a Fantasia crowd. Every year that I miss, my heart breaks irreparably. Happy birthday. Fantasia!"

— Jovanka Vuckovic, Director of THE CAPTURED BIRD

“Fantasia is a terrific festival in a great town. I was made to feel very welcome and the programming was great. I was introduced to the hangover-crushing delights of poutine and got to hang out with all sorts of interesting film makers. There was a palpable love and enthusiasm for film there that radiated off the audiences and the programmers (and organisers... everyone involved) alike. Long may they reign.”

— Ben Wheatley, Director of HIGH-RISE, A FIELD IN ENGLAND

“I've been to many festivals around the world and Fantasia Fest is my favorite. The audiences are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable; and it is a distinct pleasure to spend time with them. Experiencing Montreal is an additional benefit. If you want me back, all you have to do is ask!”

— Ray Wise, Actor, TWIN PEAKS, DEAD END

“Fantasia has always been good to me. I sadly missed the apparently riotous screenings of SHAUN OF THE DEAD (Fantasia 2004) and SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (Fantasia 2010), which friends who attended told me were just a blast. So it was an absolute pleasure to present THE WORLD'S END in 2013 and meet the Montreal crowds in the flesh. I promise to make many more genre films just so I can get invited back."

— Edgar Wright, Director of THE WORLD’S END, SHAUN OF THE DEAD