Don’t Miss DJ XL5′s Mexican Zappin’ Party – tonight!

DJ XL5’s Mexican Zappin’ Party

World Premiere
Sunday August 7th, 2011 at 9 pm – Concordia Hall Theatre
1455 boul. de Maisonneuve West


In 2010, with his BOLLYWOOD ZAPPIN’ PARTY, DJ XL5 launched a new series of homages dedicated to the genre cinema of different nations, allowing him to highlight the evolution and current state of cinema in a given country. DJ XL5 now invites you to discover the cinema of Mexico, from its golden age to today. It’s nothing less than a full-on filmic fiesta rounding up trailers and scenes from over 60 movies from then and now. On the Mexican menu are zany situations, rock ’n’ roll comedies, horror flicks, slo-mo shoot-outs, masked wrestlers, a mountain of firearms, monsters both snappy and crappy and, of course, big moustaches galore. This program celebrates the best and the worst (and the best of the worst!) of Mexican film. It’s a love letter with a subjective take on the topic, emphasizing productions that have caught DJ XL5’s eye over the almost two years he has invested in cultivating this project. The enthusiastic help of DJ Dubious was essential in developing this Mexican Zappin’ Party.

The show is divided into five distinct sections — retro comedies, the golden age of horror, masked wrestlers, contemporary horror and narco-cinema. In the first of these, you’ll find plenty of resolutely kitschy musical comedies. The classic horror segment showcases a series of movies that mixed the monster mash of Universal, the Hammer style and the notions of Italy’s Mario Bava. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, giant gorillas, psycho killers and other denizens of the dark, all with that distinctive Mexican touch. Here’s your chance to familiarize yourself with the work of directors like Benito Alazraki, Rafael Baledón, René Cardona, Fernando Méndez, Rafael Portillo and Chano Urueta. Obviously, when we get to the masked wrestlers, you’re guaranteed the presence of El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras and other champions of the ring — and of justice! The narco-cinema section highlights a number of action flicks with a streak of sympathy for the country’s drug cartels and street gangs. Blazing bullets and bikini girls, ballistic bloodbaths and tricked-out trucks, and plenty of cowboy hats are on tap in a strain of cinema calling to mind Brian De Palma’s SCARFACE if it were directed by John Woo with no budget but an overload of imagination. The paintball industry is the one making a killing on this straight-to-DVD genre, one typified so well by Robert Rodriguez’s EL MARIACHI. Speaking of sombrero-clad guitar ensembles, they’ll be on hand too — in the flesh, no less! —so lace up your lucha mask… ¡vámonos!

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