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Shield of Straw (Impérial, 18/07)

The Conjuring (Impérial, 18/07)

Animals (J.A. De Sève, 19/07)

Lesson of the Evil (Impérial, 19/07)

The Broken Circle Breakdown (19/07)

Rurouni Kenshin (Imperial, 20/07)

Hell Baby (J.A. De Sève, 20/07)

Key of Life (J.A. de Sève, 20/07)

Zero Charisma (J.A. de Sève, 20/07)

V/H/S/2 (Imperial, 20/07)

Key of Life  (J.A. De Sève, 21/07)

Au delà de l’animation (J.A. de Sève, 21/07)

The Battery (J.A. De Sève, 21/07)

Cottage Country (J.A. De Sève, 21/07)

The Dirties (J.A. De Sève, 21/07)

The Garden of Words (J.A. De Sève, 22/07)

Magic Magic (Imperial, 22/07)

Thanatomorphose (J.A. De Sève, 22/07)

Bounty Killer (J.A. de Sève, 23/07)

Pinup Dolls on Ice (J.A. De Sève, 23/07)

Doomsdays (J.A. De Sève, 23/07)

Massacre au camp d’été (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 24/07)

OXV: The Manual (J.A. De Sève, 24/07)

Polyester (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 24/07)

Les gouffres (J.A. de Sève, 24/07)

The Garden of Words (J.A. de Sève, 25, 07)

Missionary (J.A. de Sève, 25/07)

La Belladone de la tristesse (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 25/07)

The Machine (J.A. de Sève, 25/07)

The Machine (J.A. de Sève, 25/07)

OVNIS - Fantastique Weekend (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 26/07)

Across the River (J.A. De Sève, 26/07)

Trans-a-gression (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 26/07)

Big Bad Wolves (Impérial, 26/07)

Uzumasa Jacopetti (J.A. de Sève, 26/07)

Zombie Hunter (J.A. de Sève, 26/07)

Zero Charisma (J.A. De Sève, 27/07)

OXV: The Manual (J.A. De Sève, 27/07)

Animals (J.A. De Sève, 27/07)

Taloches – Fantastique Weekend (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 27/07)

Mistaken for Strangers (J.A. De Sève, 27/07)

Éros & Cie – Fantastique Weekend (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 27/07)

L’Autre Monde (J.A. De Sève, 27/07)

Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial (J.A. de Sève, 28/07)

A Company Man (Impérial, 28/07)

L’Amour braque (Cinémathèque Québécoise, 28/07)

See You Tomorrow, Everyone (J.A. De Sève, 28/7)

Doomsdays (J.A. De Sève, 28/07)

Mistaken for Strangers (J.A. De Sève, 29/07)

Rewind This! (J.A. de Sève, 29/07)

The Dirties (J.A. De Sève, 29/07)

Across the River (J.A. De Sève, 30/07)

 Library Wars (Imperial, 30/07)

I Am Divine (J.A. De Sève, 30/07)

The Broken Circle Breakdown (J.A. de Sève, 30/07)

 Ritual: A Psychomagic Story (J.A. de Sève, 31/07)

 DJ XL5 ‘s Decadent Zappin’ Party (Impérial, 31/07)

Antisocial (J.A. De Sève, 31/07)

The Dead Experiment (J.A. de Sève, 01/08)

L’Autre monde (J.A. de Sève, 02/08)

The Great Passage  (J.A. De Sève 02/08)

Curse of Chucky (Imperial, 02/08)

Return to Nuke ‘Em High, Volume 1 (Imperial, 02/08)

5-27-77 (J.A. De Sève, 03/08)

The Machine (J.A. De Sève. 03/08)

HK/Forbidden Super Hero (Imperial, 03/08)

You’re Next (Imperial, 03/08)

Halley (J.A. de Sève, 03/08)

Thanatomorphose (J.A. de Sève, 03/08)

The Great Passage (J.A. de Sève, 04/08)

Imaginaerum (Imperial, 04/08)

24 Exposures (J.A. de Sève, 04/08)

5-27-77 (J.A. De Sève, 04/08)

Antisocial (J.A. de Sève, 05/08)

War of the Worlds : Welles & Wells (J.A. de Sève 05/08)

Les 4 Soldats (Imperial, 05/08)

Halley (J.A. de Sève, 06/08)

Gatchaman (Imperial, 06/08)

The World’s End (Impérial, 06/08)

8 Responses

  1. Are tickets refundable ? or only ex-changeable

  2. I love Fantasia, it is one of the few good things left in Montreal.

    Here are some constructive recommendations:
    - We are now in 2013. Asking for cash only when buying the tickets at the Imperial is a little ridiculous, especially since most hardcore fans will spend more than 100 $ in tickets. I know that there are some fees associated with using credit/debit cards but maybe it should have been accepted for 80 $+ (i.e. when buying 10 tickets+)
    - The sheet to fill out with bar codes should be available online as a form to fill out. Those who do not want to print it could still use the provided hardcopy.
    - A maximum of tickets should be available through Admission. Some movies were sold out after only 5 minutes of the booth opening meaning that all sales went online, leaving people waiting in line empty-hamded. There should be a way to be fair for most people.

    As I said, I love Fantasia and I know that the logistics behind such an event can be hell. I just wanted to give my 2 cents.

    Thank you.

  3. I’d like to second Dominique’s recommendations. The all seem like sensible ideas, and very doable.

    I literally plan my year around Fantasia. I book the bulk of my year’s vacation time for it and the lowest number of tickets I’ve bought in the last 8 years was 42…

    I’ve always thought that a huge part of the Fantasia experience is lining up, whether for tickets or a movie, the people you meet/befriend in line are a huge part of the reason why I love Fantasia. Where else will you meet so many different people who you not only have something in common with, but it’s something you’re really passionate about.

    Because of this every year I get myself to the main ticket office at 7am to start waiting for the box office to open, and to start catching up with my ‘Fantasia friends’.

    It’s beyond frustrating to wait in line for 6 hours plus only to have movies begin selling out inside the 1st 20 minutes, and to people who stayed at their computers (probably in air conditioned rooms), people who are not only missing a huge part of the Fantasia experience, but who often only go see 2 or 3 ‘big movies’ and skip the rest of the festival. Granted that’s their choice, but it seems like it would be a great idea to keep a chunk of the tickets for the more hardcore Fantasia festival goers, the ones who’ve been there every year since the beginning … like those of us who were there at 7am yesterday…

  4. Are you guys planning to do additional screening for Garden of words? this really sucks while I was placing the order and it got me kicked out and said sold out!

    Zackary Yu on July 18, 2013 at 2:59 pm
  5. Dana if you have the ticket for Garden of Words I am more than wiling to purchase it from you.

    Zackary Yu on July 18, 2013 at 3:00 pm
  6. I don’t know why but last night for VHS 2 as we were heading upstairs to the balcony suddenly we hear Daniel saying it’s off limits and to go back down?!

    Umm why? Why limit places? I liked up there when i saw The Conjuring on Thursday and i wanted to go back there. If anything maybe they should of told us BEFORE people made their way up there? By the time we went back down alot of good places were taken on floor level by people that were behind us in the line…

  7. Hi Jonathan,

    The balcony is closed for some screenings, depending on the # of tickets sold. Volunteers should have been there to tell you before you made your way to it, however! Sorry about that.

  8. Yeah, but show up early.