The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue (" Yozora wa Itsudemo Saikou Mitsudono Aoiroda")

Canadian Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2017
  • 108 mins
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
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Official Selection: Berlinale (Forum), 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival, Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, Japan Cuts 2017

Despite living alone, Mika (Shizuka Ishibashi) works two jobs to make ends meet. A nurse by day, she also moonlights as a hostess in a girl’s bar. Meanwhile, one-eyed Shinji (Sosuke Ikematsu) barely scrapes by as well, working as a construction worker on the site of the upcoming 2020 Olympics. Both are young yet directionless, drowning in bills and forever on the cusp of adulthood. Life in the big city is tough, to say the least. It is also – first and foremost – a lonely experience: a web of alienation, missed connections, fleeting glances… and poetic illumination, intertwined. Soon, Mika and Shinji’s lives cross paths, but with the encounter comes a contradictory question: can two lonely people remain lonely together? Or can their longing blossom into something else?

Fantasia favourite Yuya Ishii (SAWAKO DECIDES, THE GREAT PASSAGE) is back with THE TOKYO NIGHT SKY IS ALWAYS THE DENSEST SHADE OF BLUE – nothing short of his masterpiece. In this incredibly poignant film – at once an offbeat rom-com, a slacker dramedy, and a poetic ode to the Big City – Ishii tackles grand themes with a breezy and unique dexterity, zeroing in on a unique portrait of the young working-class generation, and the complex emotions that afflict anyone trying to survive in a megalopolis such as Tokyo. Based on the award-winning, as-of-yet-untranslated works of young poetry superstar Tahi Saihate, TOKYO NIGHT SKY immediately evokes timeless classics such as Wong Kar-wai’s CHUNGKING EXPRESS; it is, bar none, Ishii’s most daring visual experiment, packed with a dizzying amount of detail, great music, and lots of heart, all of which replicates the unique thrill of poetry… or falling in love.

- Ariel Esteban Cayer

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