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WINNER: Audience Award, Udine Far East Film Festival 2017
Official Selection: New York Asian Film Festival 2017

At one time, Cheol-jong was an unbeatable bowling champion. Things changed after a serious knee injury ended his professional career. Today, he works at a landfill site and participates in underground games where he and his partner Hee-jin, owner of a heavily indebted bowling alley, try to raise money by taking risky bets. One day, Cheol-jong notices a young prodigy, Young-hoon, who accumulates wins at a shocking rate. Catching a whiff of big bucks ahead, Cheol-jong tries to rope the kid in on the pair’s schemes, but Young-hoon is autistic, and does not interact well with strangers. Bit by bit, and bit awkwardly, Cheol-jong gains the confidence of the young man and convinces him to team up. Though Young-hoon's variety of peculiarities take some getting used to, the duo soon start racking up victories. However, the more the winnings increase, the more stakes climb, and our heroes face the possibility of a showdown with the execrable Toad, a formidable professional bowler and an old rival of Cheol-jong’s.

A sports drama set in the world of bowling, combined with a feel-good movie about the bond between an underdog and an outsider? And it works? Oh, yeah! Winning the Audience Award at the Udine Festival, SPLIT pushes all the right buttons at just the right time, and keeps the crowd roaring with approval! The chemistry works perfectly between Yoo Ji-tae (OLDBOY), David Lee (POETRY) – the star of the show, and Lee Jung-hyun (NIGHT FISHING), all delivering irresistible performances under the sure jand director and screenwriter Choi Kook- Hee, a rookie with a glorious career ahead. Surprisingly good-looking and and yanking out the laughter, tears and top-volume cheers, SPLIT has everything it takes to be among the favourites of Fantasia 2017!

- translated by Rupert Bottenberg

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