Bastard Swordsman

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"A Shaw Brothers film that leaps out of the pack, grabs you by the lapels, and practically explodes in your face... A brisk, invigorating assault on the senses." - Porfle Popnecker, HK AND CULT FILM NEWS

Beware the lethal silkworm kung fu technique! It can kill enemies with spinning silk or man-sized cocoon. However, its final steps has eluded all arrogant experts and plunged the martial world into pure chaos. The Wu Tang and Invincible Clans are rivals at odds with each other since years, with the Invincible Clan gaining the upper fist. The Wu Tang bunch believes silkworm style can defeat the Invincible Clan, but are uncertain of the final steps. Along the way, a mysterious stranger has infiltrated the Wu Tang and proven to be a rising power within the clan. Additional complications occur within Wu Tang when the lowly servant Yun (AKA the Bastard) is secretly being taught mystical kung fu by a masked expert, and is later framed for a murder. Further intrigue and betrayals await all. But who will truly master the silkworm technique and bring balance to the martial world?

Imagine Spider-Man meets mystical kung fu and swordplay with near-zero regard for gravity! Based on the famous television series, BASTARD SWORDSMAN was released a few months after director Liu’s outlandish HOLY FLAME OF THE MARTIAL WORLD (which screened at last year’s Fantasia). He and veteran action director Yuen Tak (FONG SAI YUK and BODYGUARD FROM BEIJING) pushed the envelope of wuxia insanity, creating one insane action scene after another, and climaxing with the infamous finale of a lucky bastard unleashing the full fury of silkworm kung fu, involving web spins, lots of flying and cocoon combat! All executed gracefully with practical optical effects and wirework, of course. The last surviving 35mm Shaw Scope copy is set to blast you with its avalanche of unfettered lunacy.

- King-Wei Chu

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