Extraordinary Mission (" Fei faan jam mou")

Quebec Premiere
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Official Selection: Udine Far East Film Festival 2017, East Wind Film Festival 2017

The Golden Triangle is a juggernaut drug hub in Asia on which intel barely exists and where notorious drug lords operate mostly undetected. Captain Li has dispatched his associate Lin Kai to boldly dive into this undiscovered country. Lin quickly adapts and rises through a chain of busts, betrayals and deaths, leading him to eventually confront the Eagle! The Eagle was rumored to be dead but his power has risen tenfold, and he now tests Lin's sincerity by turning him into a drug addict and entrusting him with his crew to score a big piece of the action. The plot thickens as Captain Li was a mole ten years ago earlier and got close with the Eagle, leaving behind a partner whose fate remains a mystery. Has the Eagle been playing Lin all along to bring the Captain back into the fray?

Undercover agents and gangsters collide in a roaring rush of intense twists and turns from the creative team of the INFERNAL AFFAIRS trilogy. Felix Chong's script embellishes the deep complexity of the shady underworld and fully fleshed-out character nuances. Huang Xuan (THE GREAT WALL) has his first outing as a lead in an action film and performs most of his own stunts. Action director Nicky Li, who designed some of the signature action set pieces in HK cinema history, pulls all the stops to assault you with thrilling action scenes packed with kinetic energy that will kick your adrenaline into overdrive, including the elaborate climax involving guns and motorcycles on the streets and rooftops of Thailand!

- King-Wei Chu

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