The Sheriff In Town (" Boangwan")

North American Premiere
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Dae-ho is the classic hardboiled big-city cop with a heart of gold, who will do the right thing, even if he has to say, screw the rules. Well the rules have screwed Dae-ho – an impulsive bust has left his partner stabbed and a major felon on the run, and it has cost Dae-ho his badge. Five years have passed since that incident, and today Dae-ho runs a humble restaurant in a sleepy coastal town near Busan. Dae-ho – never one to question his own superior strength, smarts and righteousness – has appointed himself the unofficial “sheriff” of the village, and assembled a dubious posse of local fellows to, y’know, keep an eye on things. So when a face from Dae-ho’s past re-emerges, claiming to have left crime behind and promising great things for the town, Dae-ho’s has his suspicions – and he’s going to act on them.

From the producers of top-shelf Korean thrillers NAMELESS GANGSTER and NEW WORLD comes a much funnier, sunnier kind of crime flick, loaded with local colour, laughs, suspense and excitement. A wry takedown of typical tough-guy tropes, is realistic portrait of a man with a unrealistic self-image – getting into some very real trouble! Dae-ho is brought to life by actor Lee Sung-min, a familiar face at Fantasia (SORI: VOICE FROM THE HEART, THE PIPER and BIG MATCH, in just the last few years), and he’s playing off the equally reliable Cho Jin-woong (THE HANDMAIDEN, ASSASSINATION). Civic pride is rarely so wildly uncivil!

- Rupert Bottenberg

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