Broken Sword Hero

North American Premiere
  • Thailand
  • 2017
  • 122 mins
  • Thai
  • English (subtitles)
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Going through a tough childhood, Joi is a regular victim of the Governor’s son and his gang of bullies. When he asks his father to enroll him in Muay Thai classes, the latter refuses. This doesn’t stop Joi from beating up the Governor’s son one morning, which gets him exiled from his village. Years later, Joi is now strong, fast and fearless, qualities that have helped him win many fights over the years… until he meets a true Muay Thai master, who quickly cuts his ego down to size. Beaten and humiliated, our hero sets off to find other grand masters to help him refine his technique. On the road, he meets his first real friends, with whom he roams the land in a quest that eventually leads them into the services of the legendary Taksin the Great.

Starring Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Banchamek, BROKEN SWORD HERO is the latest feature by renowned Thai director Bin Bunluerit (THE ELEPHANT BOY), who strays here from the comedies that made him famous to deliver a brilliantly executed action flick. Those expecting a film focused solely on Muay Thai will be surprised to find themselves instead introduced to a variety of fighting styles practiced in Thailand. Bunluerit also efficiently projects the good-natured chemistry of his characters, who are each as heartwarming as the next, to create a perfect blend of action and comedy that makes the experience highly satisfying. Like a certain Tony Jaa before him, Buakaw Banchamek’s first starring role on the big screen is a huge success. We guarantee that you’ll be seeing more of him on Fantasia screens for years to come!

- translated by Guillaume Desbiens

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