The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio (" Mogura no Uta Hong Kong Kyousoukyoku")

Canadian Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2016
  • 128 mins
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
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Official Selection: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017, Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival 2017, BAFICI 2017

Despite his incompetence, his libidinous urges and his, shall we say, limited intelligence, double agent Reiji Kikukawa has managed to prevent a bloody war between yakuza families. Thanks to his exploits, he now finds himself not just the right-hand man of eccentric gangster-cyborg Hiura, alias Crazy Papillon, but also personal bodyguard of the formidable Todoroki, the godfather of the Sukiya-kai clan, and his manipulative young daughter Karen, who intends to do what she wants with Reiji. Meanwhile, at the police station, Shinya Kabuto has been appointed head of the organized crime brigade. Determined to stop the collusion between police and yakuza, he targets Reiji, who can no longer count on his colleagues not to blow his cover. Then there’s the Dragon Skulls, an extremely violent Chinese gang trying to break into the territory of Todoroki, who manage to kidnap the beautiful Karen under the nose of Reiji. With the elite of the constabulary forces, the leader of his own clan and dangerous Chinese assassins on his tail, our mediocre mole will have to wade frantically through this quagmire to repair the damage and, above all, stay alive.

With this second intrusion into the crazy universe of Noboru Takahashi's manga, the shock duo made up of director Takashi Miike (GOZU, VISITOR Q) and screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (TOO YOUNG TO DIE!), THE MOLE SONG: HONG KONG CAPRICCIO surpasses its predecessor on all levels! Highly unusual fighting techniques, an absolutely hilarious shady massage scene, delightfully absurd animated sequences and much, much more – you've never seen such an uninterrupted spree of below-the-belt gags, ridiculous gangsters plots and over-the-top action! Although Miike's brilliant artistic direction, extravagant costumes and impeccable achievement are wildly impressive, actor Toma Ikuta (THE TOP SECRET: MURDER IN MIND) steals the show from his illustrious colleagues with one of the most explosive comedy performances of recent years.

- translated by Rupert Bottenberg

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