House of the Disappeared (" Si-gan-wi-ui-jip")

North American Premiere
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Official Selection: Udine Far East Film Festival 2017

On a loud, stormy night, Mi-Hee wakes up on the floor of her living room, immersed in darkness. She seems confused as she looks at her wounds in a broken mirror. In the basement, her husband lies dying. Her son vanishes in front of her eyes, consumed by a tenebrous force, as a mysterious door closes on him forever. The sole suspect in the ordeal, Mi-Hee is unjustly arrested for her family’s murder. Twenty-five years later, now an elderly woman, she returns to her house in one last attempt to solve the enigma of her life’s tragedy.

A house can be a powerful and central character in a horror film. Built on burial grounds, haunted by its previous owners, or a doorway to a supernatural world, nothing could be scarier than one's own home becoming a deadly threat. A remake of HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME (Alejandro Hidalgo, 2013), HOUSE OF THE DISAPPEARED is not just another haunted-house film. With an excruciatingly tense rhythm, this atmospheric piece is an emotional and labyrinthine story about motherhood and the complexity of time, with a very surprising outcome. A segment director in the HORROR STORIES anthology, screened at Fantasia in 2012, Lim Dae-woong is no stranger to the genre. Dodging jump-scare clichés, he cleverly uses shadows, hallways, doors and every angle in his somber setting to create genuinely terrifying images. Boosted by the amazing performance of Korean star Kim Yunjin (LOST, SEVEN DAYS), Lim sets up both an intense thriller and a deeply moving drama.

- Celia Pouzet

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