Shin Godzilla

  • Japan
  • 2016
  • 119 mins
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
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WINNER: Award for Best picture and Best Directors, 40th Japan Academy Prize

“A critical and compelling addition to the kaiju canon” – David Ehrlich, INDIEWIRE

“Anno and Higuchi have created a Godzilla for this era… the film moves at a lightning pace” – Elizabeth Kerr, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

The Japanese Coast Guard investigates an abandoned yacht in Tokyo Bay, but before they can solve the mystery, a huge creature emerges. It moves awkwardly, like a fish out of water – but violently. Before long it mutates, assuming an upright posture. Its appearance is fearsome and it destroys all in its path. The Japanese government assembles to assess the situation and decide how to best proceed to protect the population. The creature, now named Godzilla, is a living mutation born of nuclear waste. The Japanese self-defense forces attack it without success. How can a creature such as this exist? What is its connection to the mysterious yacht? How can it be stopped without relying on thermonuclear bombs that would ruin the nation?

Godzilla returns after a 12-year hiatus! With this 29th film, the original Japanese franchise makes a comeback after the 2014 American reboot by Legendary Pictures. The atomic beast is back, directed by Hideaki Anno, creator of the anime masterpiece NEON GENESIS EVENGELION, and co-directed by SFX maestro Shinji Higuchi, veteran of the GAMERA trilogy by Shusuke Kaneko (1985-1999). In Japan, SHIN GODZILLA was a thundering success, beating all previous Godzilla films since 1964. It was the number-one live-action box office champion of 2016 and won prestigious Japanese film awards. This new Godzilla is completely re-invented, inspired by the nuclear tragedy of the Fukushima disaster. Grounded in reality, focused on crisis management, this is the most frightening Godzilla ever to crash across the big screen!

- André Dubois & Ed Godzizewski

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