A Day (" Haru", "A Day")

International Premiere
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Hosted by Writer/Director Cho Sun-ho

After a long journey, celebrated surgeon Jun-young (Kim Myung-min, DERANGED) anxiously looks forward to seeing his daughter Eun-jung (Jo Eun-hyung, THE HANDMAIDEN) at the end of his flight. On the way to their rendezvous, Jun-young passes the scene of a terrible accident involving a taxi. He decides to intervene, to help the driver and his passenger, but his attention is drawn to another victim nearby. The small figure lying on the ground is none other than his beloved Eun-jung.

Jun-young wakes up in the plane, terrified by this horrible dream. An unpleasant feeling of déja-vu haunts him. Again, and again, he finds himself living the same awful day, constantly resuming a race against the clock, his efforts always in vain. He is condemned to relive this nightmare loop endlessly. After countless failed rescues, however, ambulance driver Min-chul (Byun Yo-han, SOCIALPHOBIA) confronts Jun-young - he's also a prisoner of this temporal knot, trying each day to save his dying wife in the back seat of the taxi. The pair unites to prevent the fatal accident, but the mystery surrounding these events is deeper and more frightening than anything they can imagine.

A real jewel of Fantasia 2017, A DAY marks the debut of an extremely talented director, Cho Sun-ho. His first feature film is masterful, both technically and in the tale it tells, keeping the audience at the edge of its seats with unpredictable twists and exciting suspense, without shying away from heart-rending moral conundrums. This is no mere rehash of the GROUNDHOG DAY theme. It's a fiercely intelligent, intensely emotional thriller. If you miss A DAY, you?ll regret it day after day, after day, after day...

- translated by Rupert Bottenberg

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