Fabricated City (" Jojak-doen Dosi")

Quebec Premiere
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Official Selection: Udine Far East Film Festival 2017, New York Asian Film Festival 2017

“Rapid-fire… delivers plenty of creatively conceived high-tech surveillance sequences, intricately staged car chases and unexpectedly visceral fight scenes” – Justin Lowe, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

In the virtual world of multiplayer gaming, Kwon Yu – or “Captain,” as his band of online allies call him – is a fearless master of mayhem, a born leader. In the real world, however, this disgraced former taekwondo champ is a bitter, destitute loser who lives with his mom. That makes him the perfect patsy for a frame-up, and an innocent favour for a stranger leads to Kwon Yu charged for a rape and savage murder he didn’t commit. The evidence against seems compelling, and despite his protests and his mother’s pleading, Kwon Yu is sent to a maximum security prison. Brutalized and all but broken, he clings to the truth – he’s innocent, and someone out there isn’t. It’s going to take everything Kwon Yu’s got to get the justice he deserves.

With 2005’s quirky Korean War comedy WELCOME TO DONGMAKGOL, advertising director Park Kwang-hyun stepped up to filmmaking, finding himself showered with accolades and prestigious awards. It’s been some time since then, but Park is back – and now he’s diving headfirst into the high-budget, excitement-packed techno-thriller. The devious conspiracy with which our hero does battle is intricate, inspired and ingeniously presented; His trials and tribulations, bruising; and the grand denouement a furious yet fine-tuned riot of digital deception and real-world road rage. Rising TV star Ji Chang-wook has all chops needed to handle the rough-and-tumble lead role, backed by a memorable supporting cast. Strap in tight and log on to FABRICATED CITY!

- Rupert Bottenberg

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