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Anita McNelson

Luke Whitmore

Shadows of infidelity loom over an older married couple in this clever and near wordless short from Winnipeg filmmaker Luke Whitmore.

Canada 15 mins

Deiji Meets Girl

Ushio Tazawa

A special, world-premiere teaser for a mysterious teen fantasy anime series, directed by a key contributor to numerous Makoto Shinkai films.

Japan 2 mins

Is It Me

Christopher McGill

An intimate portrait of a bio drag queen, as highly gifted fashion-wise and as she is deeply moving.

United Kingdom 10 mins


Adam Long, Adam Peterson

A cynical and hilarious moment of self-determination. In a sense. And a future tense.

USA 13 mins

The Machine

Michael Price

Here is the machine. The company boss is very happy about it. What does it do? Nobody knows.

USA 12 mins

Medama - Eye Ball

Anna Yamamoto

Once upon a time, an eyeball born from a tree embarked on a journey of adventures!

Japan 9 mins


Steven Chow

Rose cooks up a scheme for revenge on her overbearing parents. Things don’t go as planned, though.

New Zealand 15 mins


Reza Gamini

“My life begins at the world's end. Cover your ears. Hide your babies. They come after their cries.”

Iran 19 mins


Polaris Banks

A rogue prosecutor and his team of uniquely talented criminals destroy evidence to keep as many people from prison as possible.

USA 12 mins

A Tale Best Forgotten

Tomas Stark

“In a house by a river that lamented as it ran, lived a father and his daughter and the dog-headed man…”

Sweden 5 mins