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Adam’s Apples

Anders Thomas Jensen

An eccentric black comedy that takes endlessly surprising risks, this masterpiece from Anders Thomas Jensen stars Ulrich Thomsen and Mads Mikkelsen.

Denmark 94 mins

Dans ma peau

Marina de Van

Marina de Van scripts, directs and stars in this unforgettable body-horror drama, one of the boldest and most powerful French genre works of all time.

France 93 mins

Five Venoms

Chang Cheh

One of pop culture’s most infamous and iconic cult kung-fu films, directed by Chang Cheh, a master of the golden age of martial-arts cinema.

Hong Kong 102 mins

Fudoh: The New Generation

Takashi Miike

A yakuza thriller like no other, the transgressive action freakazoid of filmmaking that introduced Takashi Miike to Fantasia returns in a new 4K scan.

Japan 100 mins

Ghost World

Terry Zwigoff

Teen angst intersects with middle-aged alienation in this miracle of an outsider comedy that never ceases to surprise and entertain.

USA 112 mins

Han Gong-ju

Lee Su-jin

Winning praise from Martin Scorsese, HAN GONG-JU verges on perfection. It’s impossible to remain unmoved by this drama, as relevant as it is powerful.

South Korea 112 mins

Love & Peace

Sion Sono

This whimsical musical featuring talking toys, an endearing kaiju and a J-pop star could become a Christmas classic!

Japan 117 mins

Le Martien de Noël

Bernard Gosselin

A colourful shipwrecked Martian becomes friends with two young Quebecers. See this crazy holiday comedy with the whole family in its restored version.

Quebec 66 mins

Millennium Actress

Satoshi Kon

The 4K restoration of the masterwork from the late anime visionary Satoshi Kon, strikingly beautiful, formally inventive, and emotionally rich.

Japan 87 mins


Stuart Gordon

Death is just the beginning in this beloved ’80s horror/comedy splatter classic based loosely on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

USA 86 mins


Hideo Nakata

A videotape transmits a curse that kills in seven days, in this instant classic that influenced world horror cinema for over a decade.

Japan 95 mins

Sell Out!

Yeo Joon Han

A unique and oft requested cult classic from Malaysia, taking aim at corporate and media culture by way of an inimitable musical comedy!

Malaysia 110 mins

Turbo Kid

François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell

A supercharged homage to the post-apocalyptic works of the ‘80s, from the gifted trio of Québécois filmmakers, RKSS.

Quebec 93 mins