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The Game

Elena Kurkova

On a sunny summer's day, the animals in the farmyard are bored, but when a ball suddenly pops out, everything changes...

Russia 3 mins

Georama Boy, Panorama Girl

Natsuki Seta

Director Natsuki Seta demonstrates exemplary delicacy and sensitivity with this beautiful coming-of-age story.

Japan 105 mins

Ghost Dogs

Joe Cappa

An inquisitive pup explores its new home. It is not alone. A disturbing and hilarious dive into dread, from a dog’s perspective.

USA 11 mins

Ghost World

Terry Zwigoff

Teen angst intersects with middle-aged alienation in this miracle of an outsider comedy that never ceases to surprise and entertain.

USA 112 mins

Ghosting Gloria

Mauro Sarser, Marcela Matta

A charming, sex-positive genre-bender that switches between fantasy, horror and offbeat comedy — all wrapped up in a whimsical and subversive romance.

Uruguay 113 mins

Giant: The World Of Filmmaker Jeff Leroy

Jason Kartalian

Enter the world of one-of-a-kind filmmaker Jeff Leroy, where giant women and kaiju fight it out in a miniature city made from discarded trash.

USA 14 mins


Shane Kelsey

This film was inspired by appalling events that took place in residential schools and the horrors Indigenous children saw and endured.

Quebec 5 mins

Girl In The Water

Shi-Rou Huang

No matter what is left, time can change everything.

Taiwan 7 mins

The Girl on the Moon

Georgina Jenkins

In 2069, an aboriginal girl, Luna, lives a lonely existence as the only girl to have been born on the moon.

Australia 5 mins

Giving Birth to a Butterfly

Theodore Schaefer

Theodore Schaefer’s strange, melodic and haunting feature debut is a deeply disquieting but mystical journey into the unconscious realm.

USA 77 mins


Kelsey Egan

A mysterious stranger infiltrates a sheltered family unit while a memory-wasting toxin spreads through the lands in this dystopian South African fairytale.

South Africa 94 mins

The Gloom

Dani Viqueira

When everything goes dark and Laura enters the gloom, time is all she will have.

Spain 14 mins

Godzilla Vs. Hedorah

Yoshimitsu Banno

Godzilla tackles post-war pollution in this psychedelic episode from the Shôwa-era series!

Japan 85 mins

Good For You

Kim Ilhyun

A mesmerizing, impressionistic sketch of a purification rite – six minutes to soothe the soul.

South Korea 7 mins

Grand Blue Dreaming

Tsutomu Hanabusa

An extremely irreverent comedy in which a nude-dash obstacle course and much more awaits fans of absurdist humour.

Japan 107 mins

Les Grandes Claques

Annie St-Pierre

December 24, 1983, 10:50 p.m.; Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, Santa Claus is late and Denis, alone in his car, is anxious at the idea of setting foot in his ex-in-law's house to pick up his chil...

Quebec 18 mins

Granny Martine

David Émond-Ferrat

When his beloved grandma dies, Thomas is called upon to play the hero one last time.

Quebec, Switzerland 9 mins

The Great Yokai War - Guardians

Takashi Miike

The titan Takashi Miike takes us back to the magical world of the Yokai as a war threatens to destroy Tokyo. An irreverent fairytale!

Japan 117 mins

The Green Between

Ha Seung-eun

On a planet divided into ice and rocks, the tough and meticulous "Moor" of ice properties and the lively and easy-going "Bau" of rock properties invade each other's land. Then, something of a new property ...

South Korea 5 mins

La Guerre Très Très Froide

Bonnie Rollot, Clara Mari

Conrad the penguin search for his kidnapped friends.

France 4 mins