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Alexander Maxim Seltzer

Ava's quiet date night out at the cinema turns into a nightmare when she's trapped in a toilet stall during an active shooting attack. With only a thin door separating her from the gunman, she is forced to...

Canada, Quebec 10 mins


Alex Nachi

Inside a house he doesn’t recognize, with a family he doesn’t know, a young man tries to make some sense of what is happening to him. Everything keeps changing, his mind is sick. ''Trust the protocol'' is ...

Quebec 17 mins


Maud Christiane, Tom Randaxhe

A warm summer day. A tennis match. A crowd and one vacant seat – just one.

Canada 3 mins

The Alien Nightmare

Lauriane Balestrat, Marc Antoine Alonso, Alexis Sabalza, Elie Berhoumieu, Lucas Soupou

Mike, Bob and Frank land on Earth for a scientific expedition. A routine mission for these aliens, but this time, everything won't go as planned...

France 6 mins

Amuse Bouche

Jacob Klemmer

A peculiar relationship develops between a mukbang youtuber and her editor

Canada, Quebec 16 mins


Mark H. Rapaport

A tense family therapy session crashes into unexpected territory.

USA 25 mins


Alexandre Verrette

''Anguish''<br><br>In a shabby alley, the discovery of a simple thing, yet harmless has first glance, will quickly lead a young man into a very bad position.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Anita McNelson

Luke Whitmore

Shadows of infidelity loom over an older married couple in this clever and near wordless short from Winnipeg filmmaker Luke Whitmore.

Canada 15 mins

Apartment For Rent

Julien Mau

Marie, a young university student, moves alone into an apartment where she will be overwhelmed by strange sounds coming from the upper apartment.

Canada 16 mins

Aquatic Bird

Zhang Nan

In an absurd, nocturnal world where everyone goes against their heart’s desire, a green laser pointer light brings three destinies together.

China 18 mins


Christopher Poole

A couple install a smart home-security system and soon discover its furthest reaching implications in this paranoid chiller.

United Kingdom 13 mins


Clara Milo

Aska oversees the pilgrimage of two young sisters through the landscapes of Iceland in their quest to appease an ill-tempered volcano. Having trapped their mother’s spirit inside a box, they race against N...

Canada, Iceland 14 mins

At Last, The Sea

Ana Karen Alva Medina

Matriarchal apparitions guide a woman imprisoned for witchcraft, in this enlightened retelling of a famous, centuries-old legend.

Mexico 13 mins


Sam Roden, Nick Hartanto

A stroke victim finds herself in a harrowing place after her husband pulls an old karaoke machine out of their garage.

USA 15 mins


João Gilberto Lara, Evandro Caixeta

News of recent disappearances prompts Sofia to seek answers about what may have happened to her sister.

Brazil 15 mins


Guillaume Collin

Benoit and Catherine, a couple in their late twenties, go to his parent's house for dinner. It is with surprise and apprehension that they learn that the whole family is invited for supper and that the eve...

Quebec 11 mins

Le Bal Des Chats

Andrea Kiss

A ball of mice... at night. A big cat came and pretend he is dancing but tries indeed to catch a little mouse which enjoys a lot the cat’s game.

France 3 mins

Bat Cat

Simon Tofield

Will Simon’s Cat come to the rescue of a terrified Simon?

England 3 mins

The Battle Of The Faith

Robin Anctil

Father Laurent and Father William, two exorcist priests that everything seems to oppose, are called to save a girl possessed by a tough demon who knows too much about them. That movie is a pretext to blast...

Canada, Quebec 6 mins

Be Big

Jeon Da-young, Han Seo-a, Min-gyung Kim

The story of a tiny monster named Geomdaeng struggling to succeed in checking school attendance.

South Korea 4 mins


Benjamin Nicolas

It's Christmas Eve, Martin drives customers in his VTC, suddenly, without warning, his body begins to make uncontrolled movements.

Quebec 11 mins

Bébé Métal

Noémie Bui-Tremblay

A tired mother discovers her energic son's hidden face.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Emily Bennett

Seemingly terrified of her own bed, Madeline locks herself in her room for weeks in an attempt to confront her fears.

USA, Australia 10 mins


Jennifer Galewski

A beautiful sunny day, bengal, little house cat gets in touch with his hunter instincts…

Quebec 1 mins