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Dash Shaw

A quest to save unicorns, griffins and phoenixes in Dash Shaw’s fantastical new animated feature.

USA 95 mins

The Deer King

Masashi Ando, Miyaji Masayuki

The legendary warrior Broken Antler Van must reluctantly face his destiny, in this grand anime fantasy epic of the first order.

Japan 113 mins

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Ayumu Watanabe

Big things are going to happen in the lives of this small fishing town. A quirky, candid, colourful anime comedy-drama.

Japan 97 mins

Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story

Avid Liongoren

When Nimfa’s life gets turned upside down, will the sexy kitten land on her feet? A steamy cartoon soap-opera satire.

Philippines 74 mins

Junk Head

Takahide Hori

The existential cyber-horror of Takahide Hori’s one-man stop-motion project returns at last in a tighter, meaner theatrical edit.

Japan 101 mins

Little Vampire

Joann Sfar

Joann Sfar’s kooky, spooky comic book comes to (undead) life! Midnight mischief and ghoulish good times await all ye who enter here!

France 85 mins

Mad God

Phil Tippett

Decades in the making, the personal masterwork of stop-motion titan Phil Tippett is a Dantean descent into darkness.

USA 83 mins

Pompo: The Cinéphile

Takayuki Hirao

“Is there a secret to making a great movie?” The anime version of the much-loved manga is a love letter to the art and industry of filmmaking.

Japan 94 mins

Poupelle Of Chimney Town

Yusuke Hirota

A heartfelt rollercoaster ride of nonstop visual delights, from the cutting-edge animation talent at STUDIO4ºC.

Japan 100 mins

Satoshi Kon, The Illusionist

Pascal-Alex Vincent

A poignant, detailed portrait of the late Satoshi Kon, a transformative anime talent who toyed with truth and illusion.

Japan, France 82 mins

The Spine Of Night

Philip Gelatt, Morgan Galen King

Witchcraft and wizardry, war priests and winged slayers, elder gods and esoteric wisdom – high, hard fantasy in its most undistilled form.

USA 94 mins