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Anna Zaytseva

Gut-wrenching dread tears through this tense Russian Screenlife thriller that explores a grisly social media suicide challenge.

Russia 93 mins

Baby Money

Mikhael Bassilli, Luc Walpoth

A crackling thriller and a study of desperate people in a desperate situation, BABY MONEY delivers in so many ways.

USA 93 mins

Back To The Wharf

Li Xiaofeng

A truly refreshing film noir, with sharp reflections on corruption, greed and how China’s modernization can transform an innocent family.

China 119 mins

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Jacob Gentry

At the dawn of the digital age, a video techie delves into an unnerving anomaly, in this engrossing technological thriller.

USA 104 mins


Paul Andrew Williams

A feared gang enforcer, vanished for ten years, returns to hunt the mobsters he once ran with in this ferocious British revenge thriller.

United Kingdom 88 mins

Catch The Fair One

Josef Kubota Wladyka

An Indigenous ex-boxer infiltrates the sex-trafficking world in search of her missing sister. A ferocious thriller co-produced by Darren Aronofsky.

USA 85 mins

Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie

Toya Sato

An unremarkable housewife is in fact a formidable secret agent suffering from amnesia in this action-packed thriller!

Japan 119 mins


A funny and unpredictable historical adventure film, crime drama and comedy all in one!

South Korea 114 mins

Coming Home In The Dark

James Ashcroft

This extraordinary neo-Noir is a blisteringly tense road movie into hell that plays like a home-invasion thriller set largely in a moving car.

New Zealand 93 mins

The Deep House

Submerge yourselves in the dark depths of Bustillo & Maury’s new found-footage horror film.

France 85 mins

Don't Say Its Name

Rueben Martell

When a mining company begins its assault on the land, the land itself retaliates. A very effective snowbound spectral thriller.

Canada 84 mins

The Feast

Lee Haven Jones

A grisly and intelligent eco-horror nightmare. Among the strongest of cinema’s current folk horror revival.

United Kingdom 93 mins


Yun Jéro

A masterful film with a phenomenal actress, using the codes of the boxing drama to deliver a moving, powerful and hopeful work.

South Korea 104 mins

Follow The Light

Yoichi Narita

A stunningly beautiful coming-of-age story set in a village in the Japanese countryside, where a crop circle appears one day.

Japan 104 mins

Georama Boy, Panorama Girl

Natsuki Seta

Director Natsuki Seta demonstrates exemplary delicacy and sensitivity with this beautiful coming-of-age story.

Japan 105 mins


Kelsey Egan

A mysterious stranger infiltrates a sheltered family unit while a memory-wasting toxin spreads through the lands in this dystopian South African fairytale.

South Africa 94 mins

Grand Blue Dreaming

Tsutomu Hanabusa

An extremely irreverent comedy in which a nude-dash obstacle course and much more awaits fans of absurdist humour.

Japan 107 mins

Hand Rolled Cigarette

Kin Long Chan

Petty crook Kwan must decide where his loyalties and fortune lie. Drama, suspense, humour and action in the neon-soaked underbelly of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 101 mins

Hello! Tapir

Kethsvin Chee

When his father goes missing at sea, a boy seeks out a magical creature in the hopes of bringing dad back home.

Taiwan 89 mins

Hold Me Back

Akiko Ohku

Mitsuko thrives on being alone. Until her hearts gets in the way. The latest from rom-com master Akiko Ohku (TREMBLE ALL YOU WANT).

Japan 133 mins

Ida Red

John Swab

Ida “Red” Walker may not survive her terminal illness while in prison. She turns to her son, Wyatt, for one last job and a chance to regain her freedom.

USA 111 mins

It's A Summer Film!

Soushi Matsumoto

The teen coming-of-age, the samurai and the sci-fi film come together in Soushi Matsumoto’s imaginative, luminous ode to moviemaking magic!

Japan 97 mins


Kim Jong-kwan

A romance develops between a student and a young paraplegic woman in this moving new adaptation of JOSÉE, THE TIGER AND THE FISH.

South Korea 117 mins

Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette

Tsutomu Hanabusa

When a demented antagonist raises the stakes, our favourite characters are gambling with their lives in this new tale from Hyakkaoh Academy.

Japan 119 mins