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Oh Seo-ro

The happenings of someone's nostrils.

South Korea 6 mins

10 femmes au téléphone

Julie Roy

Ten women are connected by a telephone chain. When one of them is missing, they struggle to find her. But who are they forgetting along the way?

Quebec 12 mins

100 Ghosts

Noncedo Khumalo

A woman awakes to mysterious sounds—and confronts an astonishing surreal world summoned forth by her innermost fears.<br>Produced as part of the 13th edition of the NFB’s Hothouse apprenticeship.

Canada 2 mins

100 Miles

Louis Bodart

Are we there yet? When the kids act up in the back seat, a family road trip gets knocked hilariously off course.<br>Produced as part of the 13th edition of the NFB’s Hothouse apprenticeship.

Canada 1 mins


Charlie Agadjanian

A young hostess, at an excessive gambling party, gets in over her head when the place is robbed by a gang of crafty musician-thieves in search of a mysterious box. A psychedelic, comedic, musical ride with...

Canada 17 mins

A Robot Has No Heart

Éric Lavoie

What does it mean to be human? From being objects of terror to subjects of pity, a robot just may have a heart. Another collage by Eric Lavoie paying tribute to movie androids, Cyborgs and robots of yester...

Quebec 6 mins


Lee Bo-reum

Lonely baby owl On approaches friends with greetings, but they all avoid him because of his constant sneezing.

South Korea 4 mins


Maxime S. Girard

Following the viewing of a strange video, a young woman becomes dangerously obsessed by the ASMR phenomenon, to the great displeasure of her roommates.

Quebec 12 mins

L’ abattu des vents

Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard

Alone on a secluded island, a lightkeeper is prisoner of his own madness.

Quebec 5 mins


Valérie Deslauriers

In her attic, on a beautiful afternoon, a child decides to perform a magic ritual on her plush.

Quebec 1 mins

Across the Wind

Hong JunPyo

Ho-young, 28 years old, is a college graduate and a wanna-be cartoonist. He has anxiety and fear about his vague future. He wanders, feeling confused.

South Korea 7 mins

El After del Mundo

Florentina Gonzalez

A decidedly different spin on doomsday, post-apocalyptic poetry in a zoomer hipster vernacular, haunting, peculiar, and droll.

France 11 mins

After Taste

Xuan Trang Nguyen Thi

In a grimy back alley in Saigon, a film crew will do anything to get the footage they need—but choices have their consequences.

Vietnam 21 mins

Alien Farmer

Lee Yong-wook

A round-shaped alien makes an emergency landing in the yard of an Earthling farmer.

South Korea 10 mins


Julia Thonig

The adventurer Alphons is searching for the mythical Mayan bird God 'Kukul' which rules<br>over the Mexican jungle. To prove his existence, he wants to catch the bird God at all<br>costs.

Germany 9 mins

Amanda, Forever & Always

Joshua Mozes

Sci-Rom-Com taking place across infinite universes in one kitchen - After a long day at work, Amanda and Adam try to connect over plates of ziti. Amanda struggles to focus as she comes to a realization tha...

USA 9 mins

Amen a Man

Kyeong bae Kim

An old man is on trial for the murder of a mountain bird. To examine the case, the judge peers into the old man's memory.

South Korea 13 mins


Joe Lebreux-Désilets

Aboard a convertible car in California, Anette experiences a fantasy adventure with a pickle-man.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Anima Possession

Wai Mo Chan

A woman’s relationship with her android girlfriend is destabilized after the lover realizes how little she has in common with her owner.

Hong Kong 25 mins

The Animal Book

Cho Hyuna, Kim Sujeong

As the driver dozes off at the wheel, his car strikes and kills a lot of animals. A lot of species of animals, from many different habitats.

South Korea 5 mins

The Anteroom

Elisa Puerto Aubel

In the near future, at the border of an unnamed any-country, a desperate refugee and her baby reach a customs holding chamber in a computer-operated cabin.

Spain 10 mins


Lee Jui

On a peaceful night, a robber breaks into an apartment where a woman lives alone.

South Korea 4 mins


Chloé Dalaroy

An adventurer tries to escape an angry dinosaur after he stole his precious artifact.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Aspirational Slut

Caroline Lindy

A heartbroken woman, on advice from a pizza delivery guy, decides to become a slut.

USA 15 mins