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Acción mutante

Álex De la Iglesia

Álex de la Iglesia’s outrageous debut (produced by Pedro Almodóvar!) returns in a new 4K restoration. Let the uprising begin!

Spain 90 mins


Alien infiltrators and a portal between modern times and medieval Korea unleash a whirlwind of blades, bullets, brute force and arcane fury!

South Korea 143 mins

All Jacked Up and Full of Worms

Alex Phillips

Become one with the dirt! Realize your full potential! Take a squirmy trip into the depths of arthouse horror cinema!

USA 72 mins

Anime Supremacy!

Kohei Yoshino

Two rival anime directors have new shows in the same prime-time Saturday time slot, but there can only be one number-one!

Japan 128 mins

The Artifice Girl

Franklin Ritch

A vigilante tech wizard’s unusual method of catching child predators hurls the lives of two investigators into the future of digital technologies.

USA 95 mins

Baby Assassins

Hugo Sakamoto

Two teenage assassins search for part-time jobs while battling a yakuza gang. A double-barrelled blast of action-comedy!

Japan 95 mins


Jean-Claude Lord

One of the most popular Quebec films of its time, the first part of the late Jean-Claude Lord’s trilogy about the exploitation of the masses.

Quebec 113 mins

Blue Sunshine

Jeff Lieberman

Bad acid taken years ago sees people losing their minds across the USA. The notorious ‘70s horror classic, newly restored to trip out a new gen.

USA 95 mins

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Halina Reijn

A movie murderama for the social-media generation, in which plenty of emotional violence is meted out before and after the first corpse falls.

USA 93 mins

The Breach

Rodrigo Gudiño

The tranquil forests of Northern Ontario hold unknown horrors for a smalltown police chief and his community.

Canada 93 mins

My Broken Mariko


Mei Nagano gives a stunning performance in this disturbing but hopeful film about an endearing rebel who must come to terms with the suicide of her BFF.

Japan 85 mins

Chilli Laugh Story

Coba Cheng

The heat is truly on—Chiu Chiu Chiu chili sauce might be too hot to handle! Hong Kong comedy served up spicy!

Hong Kong 90 mins


Seo-jin YOON

A dead cat hanging by its neck, an omen of doom, precipitates a family’s downfall in Yoon Seo-jin’s existential horror film debut.

South Korea 89 mins

Chun Tae-il: A Flame That Lives On

Jun-pyo HONG

A tragic hero of South Korea’s labour movement is honoured with this emotionally charged, visually splendid animated drama.

South Korea 99 mins


Tara Thorne

La sécurité des femmes est primordiale dans une communauté où une improbable justicière réserve aux agresseurs le sort qu’ils méritent.

Canada 81 mins


Yoon Jong-seok

A truly thrilling joyride of a murder mystery, elevated to exciting new levels as its flashbacks are cleverly reconstructed.

South Korea 105 mins

Convenience Story

Satoshi Miki

A struggling screenwriter stumbles into a fantastical convenience store, in Satoshi Miki’s latest Faustian fantasy!

Japan 97 mins

Country Gold

Mickey Reece

A sojourn into country music's dark, dirty, and strange world, brimming with stories within stories, flashbacks, music, and even an incredible animated sequence.

USA 82 mins


Michel Hazanavicius

Romain Duris stars in Michel Hazanavicius’ riotous remake of ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, coming here on the heels of opening this year’s Cannes.

France 110 mins

The Cow Who Sang a Song Into the Future

Francisca Alegría

As fish die, a mother miraculously comes back to life, in Francisca Alegría’s debut, an ecological fable and magical realist ghost tale.

USA, Germany, France, Chile 98 mins

Cult Hero

Jesse T. Cook

Chaos finds a quiet suburban neighbourhood when a cult threatens a control-freak realtor’s marriage.

Canada 94 mins

Les Dangereux

Louis Saia

Critically maligned at the time, this dark comedy deserves to be given a second chance on its 20th anniversary.

Quebec 108 mins

Dans ma peau

Marina De Van

Marina de Van’s surprisingly transcendent take on auto-cannibalism and gory self-discovery shows a woman divided.

France 93 mins

Dark Glasses

Dario Argento

A blind sex worker finds herself under siege by a psychopath in Dario Argento’s first feature in a decade.

France, Italy 87 mins