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Alien infiltrators and a portal between modern times and medieval Korea unleash a whirlwind of blades, bullets, brute force and arcane fury!

South Korea 143 mins

Anime Supremacy!

Kohei Yoshino

Two rival anime directors have new shows in the same prime-time Saturday time slot, but there can only be one number-one!

Japan 128 mins

Baby Assassins

Hugo Sakamoto

Two teenage assassins search for part-time jobs while battling a yakuza gang. A double-barrelled blast of action-comedy!

Japan 95 mins

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Halina Reijn

A movie murderama for the social-media generation, in which plenty of emotional violence is meted out before and after the first corpse falls.

USA 93 mins

Chilli Laugh Story

Coba Cheng

The heat is truly on—Chiu Chiu Chiu chili sauce might be too hot to handle! Hong Kong comedy served up spicy!

Hong Kong 90 mins


Yoon Jong-seok

A truly thrilling joyride of a murder mystery, elevated to exciting new levels as its flashbacks are cleverly reconstructed.

South Korea 105 mins

Country Gold

Mickey Reece

A sojourn into country music's dark, dirty, and strange world, brimming with stories within stories, flashbacks, music, and even an incredible animated sequence.

USA 82 mins

Dark Glasses

Dario Argento

A blind sex worker finds herself under siege by a psychopath in Dario Argento’s first feature in a decade.

France, Italy 87 mins


Vanessa Winter, Joseph Winter

A wild, splat-stick cross between EVIL DEAD and the most ill-fated livestream imaginable.

USA 87 mins

Demigod: The Legend Begins

Huang Wen-Chang

The Chinese tradition of budaixi (glove-puppet opera) lives on with this brisk, bloody, splendrous epic of intrigue, honour, martial arts, and mysticism.

Taiwan 103 mins


Anurag Kashyap

Jolts of tension crackle between past and present, right and wrong, science and the supernatural in the time-twisting new thriller from Anurag Kashyap.

India 132 mins

La Dump - Deuxième saison

Maude Morrissette

The ugly puppets are back. The nightmare is here!

Quebec 80 mins

L’ Employée du Mois

Véronique Jadin

A faithful cleaning-supply manager realizes breaking the glass ceiling will be the dirtiest job of her career!

Belgium 78 mins

Fast & Feel Love

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

Kao balances competitive cup-stacking and relationship woes in Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit’s delightful, meta-comedic “first action film”.

Thailand 132 mins

Freaks Out

Gabriele Mainetti

1943. War-torn Rome. A pack of circus sideshow performers with supernatural powers face off against occupying Nazis in the most unusual superhero film you will ever see.

Belgium, Italy 142 mins


Rebekah McKendry

Whoever's in the next stall is telling Wes that he's about to become very important, but he can't leave this bathroom, and will have to make a big, big sacrifice.

USA 79 mins

Hansan: Rising Dragon

Kim Han-min

The long-awaited second film in the trilogy of wood-on-water warfare epics—and it’s not one drop less of an entertainment tidal wave.

South Korea 130 mins

Heaven: To the Land of Happiness

Sang-soo IM

An infinitely funny and charming road movie where Choi Min-sik (OLDBOY) and Park Hae-il (THE HOST) shine in this deeply human, cadenced story.

South Korea 100 mins


Michelle Garza Cervera

Pregnant with her first child, a woman realizes that she may be cursed by a supernatural entity. A brilliant and scary film, hot off its award-winning Tribeca launch.

Mexico, Peru 97 mins


Addison Heimann

When Will’s bipolar mother comes out of the woodwork after ten years of silence, he spirals into a nightmarish mental breakdown where his past will not stay hidden any longer.

USA 97 mins

Incredible But True

Quentin Dupieux

An aging couple buy a house in the suburbs with a mysterious feature in the basement. A new burst of absurdist brilliance from Quentin Dupieux.

France 74 mins

Island of Lost Girls

Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt

Three young sisters find themselves trapped in a sea cave in one of the coolest, craziest and most intense nature thrillers ever made.

USA, Mexico 103 mins


Takashi Hirano

Nostradamus got it wrong, so doomsday fighter Kappei has to adapt to normal life in this future classic of Japanese comedy.

Japan 118 mins

The Killer

Jae-hun CHOI

When the teenage girl he’s babysitting is abducted, a retired assassin quickly regains his murderous instincts, setting the city on fire.

South Korea 94 mins