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David Cuevas

An experimental short that fuses celluloid and animation as the lives of three women intersect within a tidal wave of apathy.

Aug 6 21:30
Canada, France 3 mins

Ball-Pit. Wednesday. Lemonade.

Daniel Howard-Baker

A boy finds solace in a ball pit, at a soft play enclosure, until he is sucked down into an alternate dimension and greets his older self.

Aug 6 21:30
United Kingdom 7 mins

The Becomers

Zach Clark

Set against a backdrop of modern America, the latest from Zach Clark ( LITTLE SISTER) is a genre-bending romantic tale of two body-swapping aliens trying to find their place on this big, dumb planet.

Jul 22 21:45
Jul 27 14:00
USA 86 mins

Bitches Kill Bitches

Hannah Panov

After a devastating breakup interrupts Audrey's first sleepover with the popular girls, the group must sing and dance their way to sisterhood and bloody revenge.

Aug 6 21:30
Canada, USA 17 mins


Mary Dauterman

Anna’s best friend just died, her cat escaped and now she’s coughing up furballs. Mary Dauterman makes her feature debut in this darkly funny film about female friendship.

Jul 24 21:30
Jul 26 14:10
USA 78 mins

Bowling 4 Eva

Aelfie Oudghiri

A troubled teen girl spends her time trolling men online and bowling with her grandfather while becoming increasingly medicated by her psychiatrist.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 14 mins



An experimental film about three otherworldly beings who dance, transform, and seduce.

Aug 6 21:30
Brazil 15 mins

Drumming Makes You Happy

Josh Cohen

A mysterious and enthusiastic mystic shares his theory on how drumming can improve our lives and that anything or anyone can be a drum.

Jul 22 21:45
Jul 27 14:00
USA 2 mins


Keaton Smith

A dog experiences auditory hallucinations of his master after coming in contact with an alien entity.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 7 mins

How To Get Rid Of Your Cheating Husband

Sebastian Ganschow

Margot and Linda are about to get Linda's Husband, who also happens to be Margot's Boyfriend, to prison, when the doorbell rings.

Jul 24 21:30
Jul 26 14:10
Germany 6 mins

Hundreds of Beavers

Mike Cheslik

A zany and anarchic homage to the silent film era pits a drunken applejack salesman against hundreds of beavers.

Jul 28 21:20
Jul 31 11:45
USA 108 mins

Light It Up at 2 AM

Yoo Jongseok

Based on the true story of a fire that broke out in an institute for girls in 1995.

Aug 2 19:15
Aug 8 12:30
South Korea 19 mins

Messy Legend

Kelly Kay Hurcomb, James Watts

An unstable, aging party girl hits the streets of Montreal for one last night of drunken debauchery.

Aug 6 21:30
Canada 15 mins

The Moon, Sky and You

Hei Yau Lin

High school lovers (and a goldfish) fight against a hitman organization in this vibrant student film.

Aug 2 19:15
Aug 8 12:30
Hong Kong 62 mins

Pumpkin Boy

Trent Shy

Bored kids in the American suburbs wreck havoc against the neighbourhood pumpkins until one squash has enough and is ready to fight back.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 2 mins


Cyrus Gainer

In a post-apocalyptic New York City, Kai struggles to find an intimate connection using an online dating device which allows you to feel someone else’s touch.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 10 mins

Sleep Limbo

Tyler Davis

Evan drifts off to slumberland, but is greeted by an unexpected visitor.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 3 mins

Successful Man

Andrew Duncan

Jeremy talks to a therapist about how his life as a successful man is nothing more than a series of illusions.

Aug 6 21:30
Netherlands 3 mins

Sweet Juices

Will Suen, Sejon Im

In a world where Chinese food reigns supreme, two chefs are on a mission to make the ultimate dumplings and clear their names.

Jul 30 21:30
Australia 15 mins

T Blockers

Alice Maio Mackay

Director Alice Maio Mackay's latest is equal parts gross-out horror and heartwarming coming-of-age story, a loving homage to queer cinema of the past and a middle finger to the bigots of the world.

Jul 30 21:30
Australia 75 mins