Cavalcade of perversions

"This is the show you want ! [...] Cavalcade of Perversions, the sleaziest show on earth !" From those words by our pervy-mentor John Waters in his iconic MULTIPLE MANIACS, here comes a freak show of international shorts ! These filmmakers have perverted the cinematic language ! They have deconstructed Cinema as we know it... and they’re proud of it ! Even better than heroin ! Come and see for yourself these "little pieces of filth" ! Our anarchic movie-mutants parade will include three demented blocks, each its own thematic obsessions, that will leave you thinking “I love them all so much I could shit!”.

Cavalcade of Perversions : A Lewdly Religious Glare

Through space and time, otherworlds’ divinities and transcendental experimentations have been hand picked for you in A LEWDLY RELIGIOUS GLARE ! Heaven? Hell? You’ll be navigating in between the world of the living and the dead ! Dip your feet into the glory of madness !

Cavalcade of Perversions - I’m So Beautiful !

Self image from the darkest narcissistic obsession to the most positive message of identity acceptance, and everything in between! Plastic surgery, faces and more faces, and virtual faces, monstrous faces, and no faces at all ! We’re all beautiful!

Cavalcade of Perversions : A Regular Little Orgy

Take a deep dive into the delightful jungle of emotions and bodies, huffing and puffing, battling out the eternal mating rituals. Our collection will navigate between queer-porn-fairtales and red-black-blue goos.