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Animalia Paradoxa

Niles Atallah

An amphibious humanoid yearns for the sea amidst the ruins of a dying world. Live action, dance, sculpture, and stop-motion animation combine in a dreamlike structure liberated from convention.

Jul 20 17:00
Jul 25 14:50
Chile 82 mins

Ghost Cat Anzu

Yôko Kuno, Nobuhiro Yamashita

Karin’s been left in the care of Anzu, a good-natured lout who happens to be an immortal ghost cat. A sympathetic slacker variation on an anime staple, the supernatural summertime coming-of-age.

Jul 21 16:15
Japan, France 94 mins


Tatsuya Oishi

An elusive trio of anime films resurrected as a single feature, an avant-garde, neo-gothic nightmare spattered with splashes of teen sex farce, dynamic battle scenes, and copious quantities of blood.

Jul 27 18:15
Japan 142 mins

Mantra Warrior: The Legend of the Eight ...

Veerapatra Jinanavin

Bangkok-based Riff Studio launch their new franchise, rebooting the mighty mythological epic the Ramayana as an animated cyberpunk space opera with a Thai aesthetic and powerhouse mecha battles.

Jul 21 13:50
Thailand 90 mins

The Missing

Carl Joseph Papa

The death of Eric’s uncle triggers a suppressed childhood memory and the return of his alien abductor. A queer, surrealist hybrid of romance, drama and sci-fi embracing digital rotoscope animation.

Aug 2 13:00
Aug 4 17:15
Philippines 90 mins

Mononoke the Movie: Phantom in the Rain

Kenji Nakamura

The cult-classic anime series returns as a visually exquisite feature film, delivering hallucinatory supernatural thrills in Edo-era Japan with Pop Art panache, playful anachronism, and percussive pacing.

Jul 20 19:30
Japan 87 mins

Sunburnt Unicorn

Nick Johnson

Lost in the sun-scorched desert, teenager Frankie encounters its unusual inhabitants as he seeks his missing father. An unconventional animated fantasy for young folks, full of wonder and dread.

Aug 3 13:00
Canada 81 mins

Tiki Tiki

Gerald Potterton

Combining pop-psychedelic animation with repurposed footage from a Soviet children’s fantasy film, this strange and hilarious hybrid production is a genuine lost gem of Canadian filmmaking.

Jul 20 13:00
Canada 71 mins

The Umbrella Fairy

Jie Shen

One piece of jade, two magical objects, two missions, an uncertain future… Will they follow the will of their owners or their hearts? A brand-new, top-tier work of Chinese animation.

Jul 28 16:15
China 90 mins